The relative importance of environmental and spatial processes in structuring phytoplankton communities in Danish landscape.

Özkan, Korhan
Lauridsen, Torben L
Jeppesen, Erik
VII. Shallow Lakes Conference, China


The role of cultural route planning in cultural heritage conservation the case of central Lycia
Karataş, Esra; Özgönül, Nimet; Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay; Restoration in Department of Architecture (2011)
The main subject of the thesis is planning “cultural routes” as a method for conservation of cultural and natural heritage areas at regional scale. Defining a framework of conceptual principles which should be considered in spatial planning of cultural routes and regional networks constitutes the major aim of the thesis. Within the scope of the study, a new developing concept recently, cultural routes are discussed as a tool for sustaining historic and local values of rural and archaeological landscapes.In ...
The Impact of the Erasmus Program and the Institutional Administration of Internationalization in Türkiye
Bulut Şahin, Betül; UYAR, PERİM; TURHAN, BUGAY (2022-12-01)
International student and staff mobility, which is widely experienced worldwide, constitutes one of the most critical dimensions of the internationalization of higher education. The Erasmus program, initiated by the European Union, plays a significant role in increasing mobility, especially between European countries. Turkey is one of these countries that benefit significantly from the Erasmus program, and the Program became a driving force for Turkish universities to accelerate internationalization. In thi...
The effects of information technology on the market effiçiency of Turkish Securities Markets.
Yener, Ahmet Levent; Aksu, Meral; Department of Business Administration (1993)
The Impacts of climate change and land use on the ecosystem structure and services of Lake Beyşehir
Bucak, Tuba; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Trolle, Dennis; Department of Biology (2017)
In this thesis, the main aim was to predict the impacts of climatic and land use changes on the ecosystem structure of Lake Beyşehir with the perspective of ecosystem services. Modeling results revealed the sensitivity of ecological and hydrological dynamics of Lake Beyşehir to climatic changes. Climate change scenarios led to reductions in total inflow rates and water levels, and the results showed that significant reductions in water abstraction are needed to maintain the lake in the future. The outcomes ...
Erkan, Esengül; Senol Balaban, Meltem; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2022-1-27)
The thesis examines the applications of renewable energy towards community energy as an urban policy in the local governments of Turkey. A comprehensive study was conducted on the energy production and consumption from renewable energy in the world and in Turkey, and the increase in global renewable energy activities in recent years was discussed together with issues such as climate crisis and localization. In the discussions on political, administrative, and financial decentralization and privatization pol...
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K. Özkan, T. L. Lauridsen, and E. Jeppesen, “The relative importance of environmental and spatial processes in structuring phytoplankton communities in Danish landscape.,” presented at the VII. Shallow Lakes Conference, China, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: