From the Past to the Present in Psychological Abuse in Higher Education in Turkey: 2005-2017 Thesis Scanning

Erdemir, Burcu


From early modernization to authoritarian politics : gender climate in Turkey and Russia
Doğangün, Gökten; Ayata, Ayşe; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2014)
This dissertation attempts to examine how and why the gender politics has transformed towards neo-conservatism in Turkey and towards neo-traditionalism Russia in the recent decades. Despite a long history of women’s rights in both Turkey and Russia, neo-conservative and neo-traditional approaches have been emerging in both countries, particularly after the access of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President Vladimir Putin to power. In examining this transformation, the main focus is put on the gende...
From the National Cyber Maturity to the Cyber Resilience: An Assessment of the Strategic Efforts of Turkey
Karabacak, Bilge; Tatar, Unal (2016-04-13)
In this paper, the details of critical infrastructure protection program of the United States of America are shared by taking the cyber resilience into account. The academic and institutional studies on the concepts of cyber maturity, critical infrastructure protection program and cyber resilience are explained in detail. By the help of these studies and national efforts, the relations among these concepts are set forth. The key components of a cyber security strategy and action plan for a cyber-resilient s...
From traditional neighborhoods to urban enclaves: an investigation on the residents’ perceptions of their residential territories
Memlük, Nihan Oya; Akkar Ercan, Zübeyde Müge (null; 2019-07-31)
Akdoğan, Gizem; Bayırbağ, Mustafa Kemal; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2022-3)
Enterprises, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial functions have started to be studied in the 1920s under Max Weber’s influence. From that day to today, scholars have studied “entrepreneurship” and since the 1990s “social entrepreneurship” has drawn the attention of scholars, the private sector, and the public in general. In recent years, social entrepreneurship has received attention also in Turkey; however, it is still a new concept for the country. Although there seems not to be consensus on the definition...
From Complexity to Sustainability": Proposing a Holistic Management Approach for Sustainable Development of Complex Multi-Layered Cultural Landscapes: The Case of Gölyazı (Apolyont) -Bursa / Turkey”
Okumuş, Gökhan; Bilgin Altınöz, Ayşe Güliz (null; 2019-11-26)
Multi-layered cultural landscapes are the products of the reciprocal interaction between nature, people and culture, which are dynamically shaped with political, economic, legal and administrative forces through a continual historical development process. Gölyazı (Apolyont) located within the province of Bursa in Turkey, is one of the good representatives of such multi-layered cultural landscapes in Anatolia. The settlement is located on a semi-island, which seasonally becomes an island, in the Uluabat Lake...
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