One dimensional stress variations in longitudinal members

Taner, Mehmet Ersan


One dimensional nonlinear seismic response analysis of horizontally layered soil deposits
Uckanb, M Eren; Erdik, Mustafa; Department of Civil Engineering (1987)
Two dimensional transient coupled analysis of a finned tube adsorbent bed for a thermal wave cycle
ÇAĞLAR, AHMET; Yamali, Cemil; Baker, Derek Keıth (Elsevier BV, 2013-11-01)
Poor heat and mass transfer inside the adsorbent bed of adsorption cooling cycles can cause low system performance. A 2-D mathematical model of the heat and mass transfer inside a cylindrical adsorption bed for a thermal wave adsorption cycle is developed, with a heat transfer fluid flowing through an inner tube and the adsorbent in the annulus. A parametric study is carried out for determining factors that enhance the heat transfer and mass transfer inside the adsorbent bed. The effects of several design a...
Two dimensional pressure field determination on flapping flat plate from PIV measurements
Günaydınoğlu, Erkan; Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda (null; 2015-10-29)
Two dimensional modeling of electromagnetic radiation and scattering by spectral element method
Mahariq, İbrahim; Tarman, Işık Hakan; Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa; Department of Engineering Sciences (2014)
In this thesis, the spectral element method is utilized in numerical modeling of two-dimensional, frequency-domain electromagnetic scattering and radiation problems. We perform domain truncation by the well-known perfectly matched layer (PML) and provide the corresponding formulation. The attenuation factor associated with the PML formulation is optimized so that the best accuracy is achieved for a wide range of Gauss- Legendre -Lobatto grids per wavelength. The optimality of the provided attenuation factor...
Two dimensional Stokes Flow of an electrically conducting fluid in a channel under uniform magnetic field
Merve, Gürbüz; Tezer, Münevver (null; 2015-07-06)
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M. E. Taner, “One dimensional stress variations in longitudinal members,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.