A preliminary design system for axial flow turbines

Kıral, N. Çağlar


A preliminary design system for axial flow compressors
Okyay, Önder; Üçer, Ahmet Ş.; Çetinkaya, Tahsin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1996)
A Preliminary sizing tool for minimum weight aircraft wingbox structural design
Mert, Mesut; Kayran, Altan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2018)
This thesis presents a preliminary structural sizing tool for the design of aircraft wingbox structures. The primary goal is to obtain the least possible structural weight for a metallic wingbox by using the thin walled multi-cell box beam methods in the literature as part of an iterative process. An automatized tool based on simple and quick approximate methods is created to take advantage in the preliminary stages of design when several possible structural alternatives are being investigated. Airfoil data...
A feasibility study on the implementation of computer aided statistical process control (SPC) for mechanical parts
Ergül, Murat Ünal; Karabay, Macit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1991)
A modified methodology for preliminary design of weak rock slopes in lignite mines
Yardımcı, Ahmet Güneş; Karpuz, Celal (null; 2019-01-01)
In the last decade, popularity of lignite reserves has tremendously increased as an indigenous alternative to fulfill the growing energy demand of Turkey. Most of the proven reserves are situated in shallow depths and extracted by surface mining. Lignite beds and host rock are prone to show weak rock properties from geomechanical aspect. Rock mass failure or structurally controlled mechanisms may drive any potential slope instability. Developing practical tools for preliminary slope design can be useful for...
A Modified Methodology for Preliminary Design of Weak Rock Slopes in Lignite Mines
Karpuz, Celal (2019-04-10)
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N. Ç. Kıral, “A preliminary design system for axial flow turbines,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.