Community Assembly in lake plankton and role of trophic interactions.



Community detection in social networks
Öztürk, Koray; Polat, Faruk; Özyer, Tansel; Department of Computer Engineering (2014)
Today, introduction of social networking applications into every area of our lives makes social network analysis an important research area. Websites and other applications on the internet provides large amounts of data and new research area to the researchers. Also, most of the other data like relationships between people and objects can be presented as social networks. In this work, detecting communities on social networks which is an important subject on social network analysis will be studied. For this,...
Community succession in hydrothermal vent habitats of the Eastern Lau Spreading Center and Valu Fa Ridge, Tonga
SEN, Arunima; Podowski, Elizabeth L.; Becker, Erin L.; Shearer, Erica A.; Gartman, Amy; Yücel, Mustafa; HOURDEZ, Stephane; Luther, George W.; Fisher, Charles R. (2014-09-01)
Patterns of succession in Lau Basin hydrothermal vent communities determined with high-resolution imagery and in situ physico-chemical data collected over 4 yr and analyzed within a Geographic Information System show that Alviniconcha snails are a pioneering group, the snail Ifremeria nautilei is a mid-successional species, and the heat-intolerant mussel Bathymodiolus brevior dominates when venting declines. The associated fauna also changes as communities progress through the successional stages, and event...
Community needs versus conservation policies in historic housing sites
Akkar Ercan, Zübeyde Müge (null; 2009-10-16)
Community Use of Antibiotics in Turkey: The Role of Knowledge, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Health Anxiety
Gaygısız, Ümmügülsüm; Lajunen, Timo; Gaygısız Lajunen, Esma (2021-10-01)
Turkey has been among the leading countries in antibiotic consumption. As a result of the 4-year National Action Plan for Rational Drug Use, antibiotic prescriptions had declined from 34.9% in 2011 to 24.6% in 2018. However, self-medication with antibiotics without prescription is common, which is not reflected in official statistics. The present study aims at investigating antibiotic use in the community and the factors related to it. A web-based survey was conducted among 945 Turkish-speaking respondents ...
Community formation under neoliberal urban transformation
Ergenekon, Elif Dila; Uzun, Nil; Uzun, Nil; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2022-6)
This thesis main question is based on how the formulations of “community” have been taking shape under neoliberal urban transformation in the case of Çiğdem Neighborhood and Şirindere. It questions the meaning of community, how community formation under neoliberal urban transformation differs from traditional community formation. Within this scope, it explores to the reason why advanced marginalized groups as a social entity was born within neoliberal economy polices cannot be defines as “community”. The da...
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