Modelling and software development for rotary cement kilns

Mohamed, Said AbdiRahman


Modelling and experimentation for lot splitting in flow shops.
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Modelling and transient analysis of a hybrid liquid desiccant cooling system
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Desiccant Cooling Systems (DCS) are considered as an alternative method for conventional vapor compression cooling systems (VCCS) or at least a complimentary component to them. In conventional VCCS inlet air is cooled down to blow its dew point for dehumidification and then is reheated again to obtain air flow with desired temperature and humidity, and consequently inefficient consumption of energy. In DCS, dehumidification of air is done by utilizing of desiccant material to get desirable humidity and then...
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S. A. Mohamed, “Modelling and software development for rotary cement kilns,” Middle East Technical University, 1994.