An Asynchromous transfer mode-based interconnection architecture for multicomputer communication

Salamah, Muhammed


A decision support system for electricity generation investment
Alpagut, Merih Ayşe; Güyagüler, Tevfik; Department of Mining Engineering (2010)
In the recent years, ongoing debates in the mineral sector has shown that efficient use of natural resources is of vital importance as the use of minerals is essential for modern living. Especially, in the context of sustainable development, it is required that mineral resources should be exploited to maximize the contribution to the well being of current generation without depriving the potential for future generations to meet their own needs. The aim of this thesis is to develop a decision support system ...
An ilp-based concept discovery system for multi-relational data mining
Kavurucu, Yusuf; Karagöz, Pınar; Department of Computer Engineering (2009)
Multi Relational Data Mining has become popular due to the limitations of propositional problem definition in structured domains and the tendency of storing data in relational databases. However, as patterns involve multiple relations, the search space of possible hypothesis becomes intractably complex. In order to cope with this problem, several relational knowledge discovery systems have been developed employing various search strategies, heuristics and language pattern limitations. In this thesis, Induct...
A computer simulator for ball mill grinding
Yeşilay, Yasemin; Hoşten, Çetin; Department of Mining Engineering (2004)
Ball mill grinding is an important operation in the processing of most minerals, in that it may be used to produce particles of the required size and shape, to liberate minerals from each other for concentration purposes, and to increase the powder surface area. Grinding of minerals is probably the most energy consuming task and optimization of this operation has vital importance in processing plant operations to achieve the lowest operating costs. Predicting the complete product size distribution, mill spe...
An electronic money model for micropayments
Chouseinoglou, Oumout; Oran, Adil; Department of Information Systems (2004)
This research first defines money and lists its functions and properties. Among these properties, the anonymity and off-line capability of money are pointed out. Then the history of money is briefly discussed, to show that money has evolved similarly to the Lamarckian evolution of species. The examination of the history of money helps us justify why electronic money is necessary, and to point out that money will continuously evolve towards Pure Money. The definition of electronic money conducted afterwards,...
A reduced complexity noma map receiver for wideband mimo channels
Şatana, Hasan Aykut; Güvensen, Gökhan Muzaffer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2020-10)
Multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) technology and non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) are two important concepts for the next generation communication systems since they bring many advantages over conventional orthogonal systems. While there are numerous research over MIMO and power domain NOMA integration, the combination of MIMO and practical code domain NOMA schemes has not been investigated much in the literature, which is the subject of this thesis. In this study, we propose a generic maximum ...
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M. Salamah, “An Asynchromous transfer mode-based interconnection architecture for multicomputer communication,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1996.