An Introduction to the Special Issue "Recent advances on supply chain network design"

Lotfi, Reza
Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm
Discussions of the resiliency, sustainability, and agility of supply chains are important in the research and management of supply chains in these difficult times, considering the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. A viable supply chain is often characterized by resiliency, sustainability, and agility in its network design. Resiliency is essential because disruption and demand fluctuations are forced upon SCs, and the effects of these for many managerial supply chains are unknown. In addition, applying novel technology in the supply chain, such as blockchain, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) as agility tools can assist and enable the transition to lean production. This special issue of the Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences is dedicated to advancements in this fields. Besides, the special issue covers instructional information about OR techniques which are useful for addressing real-world applications on such challenges.
Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences


A comprehensive assessment of measurement equivalence in operations management
KNOPPEN, Desiree; Akın Ateş, Melek; Brandon-Jones, Alistair; LUZZİNİ, Davide; VAN RAAİJ, Erik; WYNSTRA, Finn (2015-01-02)
This paper provides a comprehensive framework for treating equivalence both prior to data collection and during subsequent analyses, and assesses the extent to which equivalence is considered in survey research in six leading empirical Operations Management (OM) journals (Decision Sciences, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, International Journal of Production Research, Journal of Operations Management, Management Science and Production and Operations Management). Measurement equiv...
Robust optimization of risk-aware, resilient and sustainable closed-loop supply chain network design with Lagrange relaxation and fix-and-optimize
Lotfi, Reza; Sheikhi, Zohre; Amra, Mohsen; AliBakhshi, Mehdi; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2021-12-01)
This study explores a Robust, Risk-aware, Resilient, and Sustainable Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design (3RSCLSCND) to tackle demand fluctuation like COVID-19 pandemic. A two-stage robust stochastic multiobjective programming model serves to express the proposed problems in formulae. The objective functions include minimising costs, CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and maximising employment by applying Conditional Value at Risk (CVaR) to achieve reliability through risk reduction. The Entropic Value ...
A quantitative analysis of cost-push shocks and optimal inflation volatility
Senay, Ozge; Sutherland, Alan (Informa UK Limited, 2008-01-01)
This article presents a quantitative analysis of optimal inflation volatility in a simple sticky-price general equilibrium model subject to both supply and cost-push shocks. It is found that optimal policy implies a relatively small degree of inflation volatility even when cost-push shocks are the dominant source of economic disturbance. In addition, it is found that optimal policy generates only a very small welfare gain when compared to strict inflation targeting.
A review of Ghana's energy sector national energy statistics and policy framework
Asumadu-Sarkodie, Samuel; Owusu, Phebe Asantewaa (2016-01-01)
In this study, a review of Ghana's energy sector national energy statistics and policy framework is done to create awareness of the strategic planning and energy policies of Ghana's energy sector that will serve as an informative tool for both local and foreign investors, help in national decision-making for the efficient development and utilization of energy resources. The review of Ghana's energy sector policy is to answer the question, what has been done so far? And what is the way forward? The future re...
An Analysis of public use bicycle systems from a product service system perspective
Keskin, Duygu; Brezet, Han C; Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.; Diehl, Jan Carel (null; 2008-04-21)
Recent studies on sustainability indicate that the concept of the Product-Service System (PSS) is a promising approach to dematerialise the economy and reduce the environmental impacts of industrial and consumption activities. Considering the urban scale, mobility is one of the challenges that should be addressed and improved for a better quality of life for residents and lower pollution levels for the environment. In this respect, this study aims at analysing Public Use Bicycle (PUB) systems from a PSS per...
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