Perceiving soft materials from Turkish onomatopoeic words



Perceptual Evaluation of Tone-Reproduction Operators Using the Cornsweet-Craik-O'Brien Illusion
Akyüz, Ahmet Oğuz (2008-01-01)
High dynamic-range images cannot be directly displayed on conventional display devices, but have to be tone-mapped first. For this purpose, a large set of tone-reproduction operators is currently available. However, it is unclear which operator is most suitable for any given task. In addition, different tasks may place different requirements upon each operator. In this paper we evaluate several tone-reproduction operators using a paradigm that does not require the construction of a real high dynamic-range s...
Inflating the social aspects of cognitive structural realism
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2021-09-01)
Inspired by Ronald Giere's (1989, 1992) cognitive approach to scientific models, Cognitive Structural Realism (CSR) has presented a naturalist account of scientific representation (Beni, 2019a). CSR characterises the structure of theories in terms of cognitive structures. These are informational structures embodied in the brains of (allegedly individual) scientists. CSR accounts for scientific representation in terms of the dynamical relationship between the organism and its environment. The proposal has be...
Perceptual simplification for model-based binaural room auralisation
Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin (2008-08-01)
Design of computationally efficient yet perceptually realistic room auralisation algorithms require a careful selection of the early reflections to be auralised. A perception-based simplification algorithm is presented for the selection of the early reflections using a criterion which depends both on the arrival time and on the angle of incidence of the early reflection with respect to the listener. Results of two subjective tests for the evaluation of the proposed algorithm are presented. The proposed algo...
Contemplation on some cyclic N 8 isomers-A DFT treatment
Türker, Lemi (Elsevier BV, 2018-2)
Various cyclic N-8 isomers are considered at the levels of B3LYP/6-311 ++G(d,p) and B3LYP/cPVTZ. Some energies and molecular orbital properties are obtained. The structures are found to be stable in the singlet state but mostly unstable in the triplet. The heats of formation values calculated by means of T1 recipe reveals that they are highly endothermic. NICS(0) values have been calculated and aromaticity/antiaromaticity of the rings are discussed. Additionally, theoretical IR, UV-VIS spectra and the calcu...
Perceptual audio source culling for virtual environments
Metan, Ali Can; Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin; Department of Modeling and Simulation (2016)
Game engines and virtual environment software that are in use today, use various techniques to synthesize spatial audio. One such technique, is through the use of head related transfer functions, in conjunction with artificial reverberators. For any virtual environment, synthesizing large amounts of spatial audio through these methodologies, will impose a performance penalty for the underlying hardware. The aim of this study is to develop a methodology that improves overall performance by culling inaudible ...
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