Developing a Framework for Heterotopias as Discursive Playgrounds: A Comparative Analysis of Non-Immersive and Immersive Technologies

Korkut, Elif Hilal
Sürer, Elif
The discursive space represents the reordering of knowledge gained through accumulation. In the digital age, multimedia has become the language of information, and the space for archival practices is provided by non-immersive technologies, resulting in the disappearance of several layers from discursive activities. Heterotopias are unique, multilayered epistemic contexts that connect other systems through the exchange of information. This paper describes a process to create a framework for Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and personal computer environments based on heterotopias to provide absent layers. This study provides virtual museum space as an informational terrain that contains a "world within worlds" and presents place production as a layer of heterotopia and the subject of discourse. Automation for the individual multimedia content is provided via various sorting and grouping algorithms, and procedural content generation algorithms such as Binary Space Partitioning, Cellular Automata, Growth Algorithm, and Procedural Room Generation. Versions of the framework were comparatively evaluated through a user study involving 30 participants, considering factors such as usability, technology acceptance, and presence. The results of the study show that the framework can serve diverse contexts to construct multilayered digital habitats and is flexible for integration into professional and daily life practices.


The Relation between metaphysics and art in Nietzsche’s philosophy
Karahan Balya, Gülizar; Parkan, Barış; Department of Philosophy (2015)
The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate the significance and relative positions of two central themes in Nietzsche’s philosophy, namely metaphysics and art. The perspective of life and the thought of will to power are located at the core of this investigation since they are considered to function as the organising ideas in Nietzsche’s overall philosophy. This perspective and thought require existence to be viewed as groundless and excessive and particularly as a constant flux of becoming that is ...
Reformulation of the concept of understanding in Heidegger's and Gadamer's hermeneutic theories
Günok, Emrah; Ergüden, Akın; Department of Philosophy (2004)
The goal of the present dissertation is to display the reconstruction of the concept of understanding which has down through the history of philosophy been used as the synonym of knowing. Hence, my main intention is to focus on the Heidegger2s and Gadamer2s critique of epistemological conception of understanding and their reevaluation of this concept in terms of ontology. Finally, I will try to examine the similarities and dissimilarities between the philosophers and try to call attention to their emphasis ...
Scale in urban design: the notion of scale in spatial design thinking
Koçer, Çağrım; Çalışkan, Olgu; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2019)
Scale is used to be one of the fundamental aspects in design, as well as in science and politics. Since the cognition of design is operated on different frame and grain of the given physical entities, different levels of scale selected in design process is utilized as a tool to manage the different levels of complexity involved in design processes. From another perspective, scale and scalar definition of any imagination and intervention in spatial design does also imply certain approaches to urban ism. That...
On output independence and complementariness in rank-based multiple classifier decision systems
Saranlı, Afşar (Elsevier BV, 2001-12-01)
This study presents a theoretical analysis of output independence and complementariness between classifiers in a rank-based multiple classifier decision system in the context of the partitioned observation space theory. To enable such an analysis, an information theoretic interpretation of a rank-based multiple classifier system is developed and basic concepts from information theory are applied to develop measures for output independence and complementariness. It is shown that output independence of classi...
A new theory of content
Aytekin, Tevfik; Sayan, Erdinç; Department of Philosophy (2003)
Naturalistic philosophers of meaning try to define the recalcitrant concept of reference in terms respected by the empirical science, such as causality or teleology. In this thesis, after a brief introduction to these trials is given, Fodors theory of content in terms of asymmetric dependence is examined in some depth. I claim that although this theory involves an important insight, it is an unsatisfactory attempt at reduction of the notion of reference. I develop a new theory of content, which does not hav...
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