A study of the correlation between the dynamic response parameters and structural damage in framed structures

Kaur, Cumhur Levent


A Study of nickel diffusion coating on stainless steel substrates and its effect on stress corrosion cracking
Atay, Işık; Ögel, Bilgehan; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (1997)
A study of dynamic behaviour of catalytic fludizied bed reactors
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A comparative study of anisotropic hyperelastic models of biological soft tissues
Açan, Alp Kağan; Dal, Hüsnü; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2021-8)
In the last two decades, there has been significant growth of interest in the mechanical behavior of biological soft tissues approached from the continuum mechanical perspective. A plenty of constitutive models have been proposed that represent the anisotropic hyperelastic behavior of biological soft tissues. Generally, invariant and fiber dispersion-based models are two main categories considered during the modeling steps. Among the anisotropic models, fiber dispersion-based constitutive models are known t...
A study on the dynamic behaviour of strip footing resting on layered media.
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A Study on the utilization of microalgaefor producing light and biofuel in the built environment
Sünger, Yağmur; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2019)
Microalgae utilization in the built environment can be a key way to develop sustainable urban environments. Microalgae have many potentials such as providing the raw material for biofuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to indoor air quality, treating wastewater, and illuminating spaces. Therefore, all these features offer the opportunity of symbiosis between the microalgae and the built environment. Although there are many studies on microalgae, more research is needed at the intersection ...
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C. L. Kaur, “A study of the correlation between the dynamic response parameters and structural damage in framed structures,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.