Physics Department Additional Building Classrooms (24 March 1972)

During the first five years (1960-1965) the offices and classrooms were held in the barracks. Offices and classrooms of the Department of Theoretical Physics were located in the Mathematics building during 1965-1968. In 1968-1974 Department of Physics located in S-building; classes mostly held in U-3 complex and in the S-building. The first of the twin Physics buildings was completed by the year 1965. The second one was completed in 1971. The last building which is the P-building was finished in 1978. Ford foundation and AID (Agency of International Development, USA) grants supported in great deal for the establishment of research and educational labs. During the establishment years Nobel prize winners like Gell-Mann, Mössbauer and Lee were among the visiting scientists. Completion of the twin buildings speeded up the construction of the research and educational labs.
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