Polyphony: Use of classical music as an ideological device in Turkey

Dağdelen, Tuna
This main scope of this study is to analyze how polyphonic music in Turkey was conceptualized in the reformist paradigm of the Republican perspective, resulting in an ideology. Polyphonic music tradition firmly established by the Musical Reforms in Turkey which took place as a part of total modernization process whose repercussions in the cultural sphere were shaped by notions of westernization and nationalism. The polyphonic music tradition in Turkey was appropriated ideologically by the state in an ideological way, in terms of attributing positive qualities to it as well as ideological and repressive measures taken against music traditions that were conceived undesired. Conceptualized as a cultural ideal by the Republican ideology, polyphonic music has became an indicator of social and cultural identity linked with a modern and western lifestyle. This study aims to contribute to the analysis of the ideological conception of polyphonic music in Turkey, emphasizing on its ideological roots, the extent of its practice and its reproduction.
Citation Formats
T. Dağdelen, “Polyphony: Use of classical music as an ideological device in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2023.