Tactical Urbanism and Participatory Approach: İstanbul Case

Alpdoğan, Begüm
The world has been experiencing a troublesome period owing to environmental, socioeconomic, and political uncertainties and challenges arising from the excessive increase in human population. These challenges have primarily influenced cities and resulted in rapid changes. They triggered various forms of informal urbanism and further stressed the lack of resources in the cities and led to modern urban transformations aiming to respond to these challenges. However, the conventional planning theory fell short in responding to these rapid changes and, thus, began to draw and integrate multiple concepts from the interdisciplinary sciences over the past decades. As one of the responding mechanisms, the tactical urbanism approach, which is low-cost, bottom-up interferences in public spaces to improve usage and organisation of the planning process, began to be favoured. This thesis aims to examine the tactical urbanism approach to meet the changing urban needs, establish the relationship between tactical urbanism and participatory approaches in planning and urban design, explore the tactical urbanism practices concerning participatory characteristics, and discuss the performance of tactical urbanism projects by type of participation. To this end, five projects were analysed in detail to understand the practical reflections of this approach in the field, and eight people were interviewed. In-depth interviews were conducted in İstanbul with experts and volunteers experienced in urban design. The findings demonstrate that the cases used in tactical urbanism have various participation methods. In addition, the result shows that the best solutions for urban space, examining them rapidly and ensuring the area's future usage, tactical urbanism methods offer a tool that starts at the local level. While the tactical urbanism approach considers the participatory approach as a sub-concept, this thesis suggests that the participatory approach should also be regarded as a central concept alongside the tactical urbanism approach. Further explorations should be carried out in Turkey with this perspective.
Citation Formats
B. Alpdoğan, “Tactical Urbanism and Participatory Approach: İstanbul Case,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2023.