Life story of Uğur Ersoy

Uğur Ersoy was born in 1932 in Mersin. After completing his secondary and high school education at Tarsus American College, he entered Robert Engineering College Department of Civil Engineering in Istanbul. He played soccer and volleyball in Istanbul league in the same years. In 1955, Ersoy graduated from Robert College Department of Civil Engineering with a high honor degree. He began his post-graduate education at the University of Texas (Austin). Uğur Ersoy, who also served as an assistant to famous scientist Prof. Ferguson, received his Master’s degree at this university in June 1956. After graduation, he worked as a project engineer at Reese & Associates Company for 2 years with Prof. Ferguson's recommendation. Ersoy worked on special buildings and problematic constructions in Reese's bureau. He worked as a researcher with the rank of third lieutenant at the Research and Development Office (ARGE) of Presidency of General Staff. After completing his duty, he started to work at METU in June 1959, which was in the phase of establishment. Uğur Ersoy became the first Vice Rector at METU and was in this position for two years. He took place in the formation and regulation throughout the establishment phase. During this period he also served as Deputy Rector for a period of time. In 1963, U. Ersoy left METU with permission and went back to the University of Texas, where he completed his doctorate in two years and returned in 1965. During his PhD in Texas, he worked as a research associate in several important projects. Ugur Ersoy served twice as Head of Department and three times as Vice Rector. In 1976, he became the first "Founding Dean" of Icel Campus which was in the stage of establishment. In 1980-1981 he was a “Guest Professor” at the University of Toronto, Canada. Between 1992-94, he served as Guest Professor at Bosphorus University and founded the Building Laboratory. Ugur Ersoy has about 150 articles and reports, 11 occupational books, 26 basic research reports and 5 story-memoir books. About 70 of his articles and notifications are published in international journals or refereed symposium proceeding books. Uğur Ersoy is married and father of a two children.
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