Possibilities for reuse of wastewater at METU campus.

Babyigit, Muge


Possible gains by diverting coal traffic from highway to railroad: special reference to Tuncbilek- Ankara railroad tarnsportation corridor.
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Prospects for eco-planning approach in rapidly changing coastal areas : the case of Eastern Antalya region
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As stated in the Black Sea Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis 2007 (BSC, 2007) and confirmed in the Black Sea Strategic Action Plan 2008, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) form a key element of the ecosystem‐based approach to managing and safeguarding the Black Sea marine environment, including improving the sustainability of fisheries. This approach contains precautionary safeguards to account for common problems such as lack of scientific data, the uncertainty of natural processes and lack of fisheries managem...
Feasibility of distributing electric power through single-phase transformers at rural regions of Turkey based on rural characteristic indices
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Single-phase (1-phase) transformers have been utilized in some countries to supply rural distribution regions which particularly have relatively low load densities (farms, villages, etc.). Leading countries include US, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia. However, utilization of 1-phase transformers is very limited (almost negligible) at European countries. Turkey is among those countries in which electric is supplied through three-phase transformers regardless of the load density of the region to be...
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M. Babyigit, “Possibilities for reuse of wastewater at METU campus.,” Middle East Technical University, 1977.