What is the Harm of Palm Oil? / ODTÜ Science Cafe

Science, culture and art museums, newspaper writings, short films that can be easily viewed from the internet or documentaries made with large budgets are the first to come to mind. One of the most effective methods used to bring science to society for the last few decades is the science cafes. The first science cafe based on philosophy began in France in the 1960s, and continued in the 1990s in the UK including other branches of science. With the activities carried out within this scope, scientists left their offices and laboratories and started to share their science with the society. This sharing was as interactive as possible, and people from 7 to 77 were able to ask the experts of the subject face-to-face. Even the answers to the questions are answered not only by the speaker but also by the listeners. Similar activities in our country are organized as inter-semester seminars by various universities including METU. These events are mostly conducted in university lecture halls as short courses. More recently, changing this approach for the first time among the universities in Türkiye, METU began to perform science cafes in public places by visiting different provinces in Türkiye with the lecturers under the name of "METU Science Café". In these events, which are accompanied by coffee and attended by listeners of all ages, interesting topics involving the society are described in plain language. The first attempt of METU Science Café was the talk by our professor Korhan Özkan in Mersin about “Drought”. At the next stops of METU Science Cafe, the subjects of “Palm Oil” by Yeşim Soyer in Eskişehir, “Space Radiation” by Bilge Demirköz in Antalya, ”Entrepreneurship” by Adil Oran in Adana, “Solar Energy” by Raşit Turan in Cyprus and “Exam Stress” by Aslı Bugay in İzmir were met with the society with our professors.
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