Design of guidance system for an air-launch rocket

Yanık, Tahir
Small satellites are of great interest nowadays due to their increased capability and low cost. However, their launch into the desired orbit is usually performed in shared flights. A promising method to launch them is to use dedicated rockets of smaller sizes that are launched in the air. This study deals with alternative guidance system designs that use Explicit Guidance (E Guidance) and Iterative Guidance Mode (IGM) algorithms to steer the rocket launched in the air. The optimal trajectory for the launch vehicle is obtained using numerical methods, and the outputs of the closed-loop algorithms are compared to each other, and the optimal solution to investigate their performance. A hypothetical rocket is modeled, and the guidance system is tested for different payloads and release conditions to examine its robustness.
Citation Formats
T. Yanık, “Design of guidance system for an air-launch rocket,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2023.