Servetoğlu, Işıl
The food is becoming increasingly acute problem both in the world and in Turkey. Realizing that the problem is in the dynamics of food production, distribution and consumption, researchers and activists have turned to search for alternatives. At this point, the common opinion is that gender equality has an important place in food systems due to the paradoxical position of women as being both food producers and food insecure. Although the place of gender perspective in the world literature is central for food systems studies, the number of research from this perspective in Turkey is limited. Based on this, this thesis explores the opportunities and barriers to ameliorating the problems in food chains in Turkey with community-based food networks based on gender equality. To that end, the transformation of agri-food systems and the rise of alternative food networks (AFNs) are traced in the world and in Turkey. In addition, based on in-depth interviews with thirteen women who are members of agri-food cooperatives in Ankara this thesis examines the status of gender equality-oriented AFNs in Turkey. The findings of this study show that an AFNs has not yet been fully formed and there are some obstacles to its formation, such as the lack of development of cooperative understanding and exploitation of women within the cooperatives among others. Despite that, there are promising potentials of such a structuring in Ankara, like increasing social and economic solidarity, rural development and women’s say and visibility.
Citation Formats
I. Servetoğlu, “GENDERED POLITICS OF FOOD: AN ANALYSIS ON WOMEN IN AGRIFOOD COOPERATIVES IN ANKARA,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2023.