Development of shear link model for nonlinear analysis in OpenSees

Kılıç, Doğukan
OpenSees is a powerful tool for simulating the response of structural systems subjected to earthquake loadings. This thesis presents the development of a frame element in OpenSees for the nonlinear analysis of steel shear links, where the model is applicable under general loading and boundary conditions using readily available material properties. The study conducted in this thesis contributes to the analysis of inelastic responses to steel shear links. Initially, the OpenSees repository and previously conducted studies related to the nonlinear behavior of steel shear links are investigated. Based on the identified gaps in the literature, developments are carried out in two steps. The first development is the addition of the new section model in the OpenSees library. Coupled behavior of shear and moment does not supported by the fiber section analysis of the OpenSees software. To overcome that, a new wide-flange section is defined that accounts for coupled behavior with better shear stress distribution throughout the section. The second advancement involves the incorporation of a material model into the OpenSees library. This material model supports coupled behavior and takes into account the Bauschinger effect, a crucial phenomenon in the cyclic analysis of shear links. Both of these developments are tested and verified in the study. The model developed in OpenSees is very valuable for inelastic response analysis in complex steel structures.
Citation Formats
D. Kılıç, “Development of shear link model for nonlinear analysis in OpenSees,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2023.