Generalised thurston- bennequin invariants for singularities of real algebraic curves and surfaces

Öztürk, Ferit


On some invariants of algebraic curves.
Karakaş, H. İ.; Arf, Cahit; Department of Mathematics (1974)
Fixed point scheme of the Hilbert Scheme under a 1-dimensional additive algebraic group action
Özkan, Engin; Akyıldız, Ersan; Kişisel, Ali Ulaş Özgür; Department of Mathematics (2011)
In general we know that the fixed point locus of a 1-dimensional additive linear algebraic group,G_{a}, action over a complete nonsingular variety is connected. In thesis, we explicitly identify a subset of the G_{a}-fixed locus of the punctual Hilbert scheme of the d points,Hilb^{d}(P^{2}; 0),in P^{2}. In particular we give an other proof of the fact that Hilb^{d}(P^{2}; 0) is connected.
Studies towards the preparation of functionalized cellulose microspheres with affinities towards negatively charged biomembranes
Demirel, Kaan; Türkyılmaz, Serhan; Department of Chemistry (2021-7)
Cellulose microspheres (CMs), generally with diameters in the 10-1000 µm range, have been used as stationary phases in chromatography, substrates for ion exchange applications, supports for protein immobilization and solid-phase synthesis, and drug loading and release materials. Furthermore, cellulose and CMs are biocompatible and have been used in many biomedical applications as varied as the dressing of wounds and blood filtration. Targeting of bacterial cells can be achieved using antibodies, antibody fr...
Hilbert functions of gorenstein monomial curves
Topaloğlu Mete, Pınar; Arslan, Sefa Feza; Department of Mathematics (2005)
The aim of this thesis is to study the Hilbert function of a one-dimensional Gorenstein local ring of embedding dimension four in the case of monomial curves. We show that the Hilbert function is non-decreasing for some families of Gorenstein monomial curves in affine 4-space. In order to prove this result, under some arithmetic assumptions on generators of the defining ideal, we determine the minimal generators of their tangent cones by using the standard basis and check the Cohen-Macaulayness of them. Lat...
Simulation of chlorine decay in water supply networks.
Özdemir, Osman N; Sevük, Süha; Ger, A. Metin; Department of Civil Engineering (1997)
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F. Öztürk, “Generalised thurston- bennequin invariants for singularities of real algebraic curves and surfaces,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2001.