Generalised thurston- bennequin invariants for singularities of real algebraic curves and surfaces

Öztürk, Ferit


On some invariants of algebraic curves.
Karakaş, H. İ.; Arf, Cahit; Department of Mathematics (1974)
Development of UAV-based pavement crack identification system using artificial intelligence
Ersöz, Ahmet Bahaddin; Pekcan, Onur; Department of Civil Engineering (2016)
Building an accurate, robust and timely working Pavement Crack Identification System (PCIS) is one of the challenging components of Pavement Management Systems (PMSs). The ultimate aim of PCIS is to have autonomous inspection methods integrated into PMS. This way a modern PCIS may replace the currently used methods to eliminate their shortcomings such as being labor intensive, biased and time consuming. With the recent introduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), engineering research studies are incline...
Fatigue life prediction of flexible pavements under simulated service conditions
Acar, Soner Osman; Yüce, Rüştü; Department of Civil Engineering (1994)
Design of linear phase FIR digital filters with discrete valued coefficients
Çiloğlu, Tolga; Ünver, Baki Zafer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1994)
Fixed point scheme of the Hilbert Scheme under a 1-dimensional additive algebraic group action
Özkan, Engin; Akyıldız, Ersan; Kişisel, Ali Ulaş Özgür; Department of Mathematics (2011)
In general we know that the fixed point locus of a 1-dimensional additive linear algebraic group,G_{a}, action over a complete nonsingular variety is connected. In thesis, we explicitly identify a subset of the G_{a}-fixed locus of the punctual Hilbert scheme of the d points,Hilb^{d}(P^{2}; 0),in P^{2}. In particular we give an other proof of the fact that Hilb^{d}(P^{2}; 0) is connected.
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F. Öztürk, “Generalised thurston- bennequin invariants for singularities of real algebraic curves and surfaces,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2001.