Structure of the retail petty trade connected in a sociological study of an urban informal sector in Ankara

Özerkmen, Necmettin


Impact of government entrepreneurship supports on women’s empowerment: the case of women in Ankara
Demirez, Demet; Aybars, Ayşe İdil; Department of Social Policy (2016)
Gender equality and women’s empowerment constitute one of the central issues in the process of development of all developing countries around the world. Owing to the unequal participation of women in the rights and opportunities in all spheres of social life, it becomes important to adopt a gendersensitive analysis for understanding empowerment. At this point, entrepreneurship gains importance. It is not only a solution for financial independence but also a key factor about real world experience and higher ...
The impact of identity salience on organizational citizenship behaviors
Dönmez, Ahmet; Acar, Feride Pınar; Department of Business Administration (2007)
Organizational citizenship behaviors are extra-role behaviors that are costless to the organizations; however they play important roles in filling the gaps that are not prescribed in job descriptions or contracts of the employees. Organizational citizenship behaviors are important for lubricated functioning of the organizations. Although there are quite a number of studies on organizational citizenship behaviors, previous research has not considered identity salience among their antecedents. The main purpos...
Changing industrial structure and inter-firm linkages : case study for inter-firm linkages of small enterprises in Turkey, competitiveness, dependence and problems
Yaprak, Işıl; Altaban, Özcan; Tekeli, İlhan; Department of City and Regional Planning (1996)
Patterns of firm growth in the Turkish manufacturing industry
Töngür, Ünal; Taymaz, Erol; Department of Economics (2015)
The main objectives of this dissertation are five-fold: First, to examine the relationship between employment generation and firm growth; second, to explore the impacts of firm and sector specific factors on firm growth by using conventional techniques; third, to discover the patterns of firm growth by using a novel statistical approach; fourth, to analyze the determinants of patterns of firm growth; and finally, to investigate the pattern-specific determinants of firm growth by taking into account the patt...
Evolution of Business Organizations in the European Periphery: Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic, 1850-1950 (EVOBUSORG)
Ağır, Münis Seven(2017-4-30)
"This project examines how business organizations evolved in the European periphery by focusing on the organizational form and economic performance of enterprises formed in Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic during 1850-1950. The objective is to explore the relationship between organizational law, entrepreneurial choice, and economic performance in a case study where the dominance of foreign capital and legal borrowing is evident. The researcher will create a database including the number and types of firm...
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N. Özerkmen, “Structure of the retail petty trade connected in a sociological study of an urban informal sector in Ankara,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1995.