Living on the Margins: Iranians in Late Ottoman Istanbul

Özütürk, Mevlüt Safa
This thesis analyses the emergence of the Iranian community in Ottoman Istanbul as a distinct group, once the city became a vibrant commercial centre for Iranian economic migrants in the nineteenth century. Focusing on the variables defining Iranian identity in Istanbul, this thesis argues that Iranians' self-perception was main determining factor in shaping Iranian identity in Istanbul, beyond Ottoman and/or Qajar political decisions and Shiite - Sunni sectarian divisions. This thesis further asserts that Iranian identity in Istanbul was shaped not only by Iranian self-perception, but also by Iranians' economic marginalization as a result of domestic and international economic transformation and their deliberate embrace of social marginalization to claim their belonging to the city as a distinct community. Thus, it is claimed that the Iranian community in Istanbul was a peculiarly Istanbulized community rather than a diasporic group.
Citation Formats
M. S. Özütürk, “Living on the Margins: Iranians in Late Ottoman Istanbul,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2024.