Dispute creation and resolution mechanisms of Turkish constructing sector in public projects

Günay, Göksu


Crisis management and conflict resolution capacities of the European Union: the case of Cyprus conflict
Ünsaldı, Menekşe; Tayfur, Mehmet Fatih; Department of European Studies (2005)
With the end of Cold War international order entered into a period that is characterized by continuous crises and instability. Within this order European Union, like the rest of the world, felt the necessity of re-evaluating its policies since they realized that the current policies were not sufficient to meet the challenges of the new world order. As a consequence of this EU has been trying to develop its capabilities to conduct crisis management and conflict resolution. Besides, the EU intends to strength...
Conflict resolution by negotiation
Erden, Mustafa Suphi; Leblebicioğlu, Kemal; Halıcı, Uğur (2002-01-01)
Copyright © 2002 IFAC.The increase in air traffic, forces the current centralized air traffic control systems to be replaced with more decentralized control systems. The idea of free flight is developed with this consideration. In free flight aircrafts communicate and cooperate with each other to solve the conflicts. Each aircraft has its own separate optimization criteria, and aircrafts have to modify their paths considering these criteria. There should be a compromise in the amount of concession that airc...
Uncertainty evaluation through ranking of simulation models for bozova oil field
Tonga, Melek Mehlika; Akın, Serhat; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2011)
Producing since 1995, Bozova Field is a mature oil field to be re-evaluated. When evaluating an oil field, the common approach followed in a reservoir simulation study is: Generating a geological model that is expected to represent the reservoir; building simulation models by using the most representative dynamic data; and doing sensitivity analysis around a best case in order to get a history-matched simulation model. Each step deals with a great variety of uncertainty and changing one parameter at a time ...
Uncertainty assessment for the supply chain system of a concrete company using Monte Carlo Simulation.
Serbest, İnanç Taha; Gölbaşı, Onur; Department of Mining Engineering (2021-2)
Concrete is the primary construction material and may be supplied in varying strength values according to customer demand. The profitability of concrete operations is very low, with a profit margin changing between 0.1 and 0.2 percent (OYAK Concrete Company, 2019). Since multiple competitors are generally available for the sales region, it is not always likely to raise up the concrete prices. Therefore, operation profitability for concrete production and distribution systems may be achieved practically by m...
Uncertainty analysis in fragility assessment of reinforced concrete frames designed for regions of low-to-moderate seismicity
Çelik, Ozan Cem (2007-12-01)
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G. Günay, “Dispute creation and resolution mechanisms of Turkish constructing sector in public projects,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.