Availability analysis for truck-shovel system in surface mining

Ankara, Hüseyin


Development of an expert system for dragline and stripping method selection in surface coal mines.
Erdem, Bülent; Çelebi, Neşe; Department of Mining Engineering (1996)
Development of a model for open pit limits optimization integrated with a sequencing system
Erarslan, Kaan; Çelebi, Neş'e; Department of Mining Engineering (1996)
Investigation of the effect of bit grinding on the cost effective down the hole drilling in open pit mines
Gürkan Yıldız, Tuğçe; Bilgin, Hasan Aydın; Department of Mining Engineering (2018)
The major issue during the life of the mines are to be able to carry out effective and economic operations. Drilling activities comprises the significant amount of the production cost in surface mining and it may be the only controllable one among all other costs. From this point of view, cost effective operations become the main concern in the mines. In this study, effects of bit grinding operation on the cost effective down the hole drilling are analyzed in detail to introduce this concept to the modern m...
Effect of discontinuity roughness and anisotropy on shear strength
Denli, Alper Kaan; Karpuz, Celal; Department of Mining Engineering (2004)
Discontinuity surfaces generally consist of undulations termed as roughness. It is well known that surface roughness plays an important role on the shear strength and shear behavior of discontinuities. However, the effect of roughness will not be the same when the direction of shearing changes. This effect causes variation of shear strength with shearing direction or in other words anisotropy on shear strength. In this thesis, an experimental study was performed to investigate the effect of roughness and an...
Çubukbeli Tunnel, classification systems, rock mass strength parameters, excavation and support systems, finite element analysis
Karahan, Ercüment; Bilgin, Hasan Aydın; Department of Mining Engineering (2010)
In this thesis, suggestion of appropriate excavation and support systems and selection of rock mass strength parameters for the determination of these systems were carried out for the Çubukbeli Tunnel in Antalya. Çubukbeli Tunnel is a twin tube flute shaped tunnel with 1985 m length, 12 m width, 10 m height and maximum overburden thickness of 130 m. The tunnel area consists of limestone, clayey limestone, claystone, marl and siltsone. Rock mass classification systems are used for evaluation of rock mass cha...
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H. Ankara, “Availability analysis for truck-shovel system in surface mining,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1997.