Collaboration and Reflection in English Language Teaching Practicum: Insights from the Practicum Lesson Study Model

Çetin, Kenan
This dissertation investigates the implementation of the Practicum Lesson Study model tailored for the use of preservice teachers, mentor teachers, and advisors during ELT practicum. Employing a design-based research framework alongside a multiple case study design, the research evaluated the PLS model through eight distinct cases across two phases, exploring the nature of the stages and steps followed in each case with detailed descriptions of procedural arrangements, teaching sessions and discussion meetings. Snapshots from observation notes used by the participants and meeting transcripts were included in each case description and the content of the meetings were examined through coding scheme based on three reflection processes; describing, explaining, and creating. Moreover, views of the participants towards their satisfaction levels, benefits, and challenges of the model were also obtained through semi-structured interviews and a questionnaire. The research underscores significant benefits of the PLS model, which include improved self and peer reflection, collaborative practices. These processes notably facilitated PSTs’ abilities to dynamically adjust teaching strategies based on real-time observations and feedback, effectively integrating their suggestions in the meetings with practical classroom experiences. However, the study also reveals challenges such as managing diverse opinions and coping with information overload. The detailed analysis of reflection processes is also discussed and implications were listed in light of the findings. This dissertation provides a detailed exploration of PLS implementation and several suggestions were made for future research such as closer examination of change in beliefs and identity over time.
Citation Formats
K. Çetin, “Collaboration and Reflection in English Language Teaching Practicum: Insights from the Practicum Lesson Study Model,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2024.