GESDL:graphical editor for SDL 92

Fındık, Reyhan


GESDD a generalized expert ssytem for database design.
Yuruten, N Birol; Department of Computer Engineering (1986)
GESwarm Grammatical Evolution for the Automatic Synthesis of Collective Behaviors in Swarm Robotics
Ferrante, Eliseo; Turgut, Ali Emre; DuenezGuzman, Edgar; Wenseleers, Tom (2013-07-10)
In this paper we propose GESwarm, a novel tool that can automatically synthesize collective behaviors for swarms of autonomous robots through evolutionary robotics. Evolutionary robotics typically relies on artificial evolution for tuning the weights of an artificial neural network that is then used as individual behavior representation. The main caveat of neural networks is that they are very difficult to reverse engineer, meaning that once a suitable solution is found, it is very difficult to analyze, to ...
WSLA Extensions for Managing Composite Semantic Web Services
Elgedawy, Islam (2016-09-30)
Managing Service Level Agreement (SLA) for composite semantic web services is a very complex process, as it involves many complex tasks such as components discovery, provisioning, monitoring, recovery, and coordination. Indeed, managing all these tasks manually is a very cumbersome operation, nevertheless it is time consuming and prone to errors. To overcome such problems, automated SLA management for composite semantic web services is needed. This requires the SLA of the composite service to be described i...
Max-Min Fair Precoder Design and Power Allocation for MU-MIMO NOMA
Yalcin, Ahmet Zahid; Cetin, Mustafa Kagan; Yüksel Turgut, Ayşe Melda (2021-06-01)
In this correspondence, transmit precoders and their power allocation coefficients are designed jointly for a downlink non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) wireless communication system. The objective is to provide max-min fairness (MMF) among the strongest users in each group, while maintaining minimum target rates for all the other users. The proposed solutions are respectively based on semi-definite relaxation (SDR) and successive convex approximation (SCA) and on the minimum mean square error (MMSE) ap...
Geant4 based Monte Carlo simulation for carbon fragmentation in nuclear emulsion
Hosseini, Navid; Güler, Ali Murat; Department of Physics (2012)
The study is mainly focused on Monte Carlo simulation of carbon fragmentation in nuclear emulsion. The carbon ion is selected as a remarkable candidate for the cancer therapy usages due to its high efficiency in depositing majority of its energy in the narrow region which is called Bragg Peak. On the other hand, the main side effect of heavy-ion therapy is the radiation dose beyond the Bragg Peak which damages the healthy tissues. Therefore the use of heavy-ion in cancer therapy requires accurate understand...
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R. Fındık, “GESDL:graphical editor for SDL 92,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.