The performance of punctured convolutional codes

Ayçenk, Hakan


The performance of complex-structure fractured reservoirs considering natural and induced matrix block size, shape, and distribution
Al-Rbeawi, Salam (Elsevier BV, 2020-09-01)
This paper introduces an analytical approach for the performance of the fractured reservoir considering the impact of the matrix block size, shape, and distribution. The objective is better understanding the roles of the variable interporosity flow systems, fracture flowing systems, and reservoir matrix heterogeneity in the responses of the wellbore pressure drop, flow rate, cumulative production, and productivity index. This understanding could help to eliminate the uncertainties and increase the accuracy ...
The performance of traditional lot sizing heuristics in a disassembly environment
Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin (null; 2007-07-08)
The performance of traditional lot sizing heuristics in a disassembly environment Z. Pelin Bayindir, Department of Industrial Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering, 06531, Ankara, Turkey,, Tulu Ertem In this study we focus on a disassembly system where there are a number of end-of-life products (root) that can be disassembled to satisfy the demand for their child (leaf) items. The demand for the le...
The performance of polyethersulfone nanocomposite membrane in the removal of industrial dyes
Mahmoudian, Mehdi; Ghasemıkouchameshgı, Mahmoud (2021-05-14)
In the present study, graphene oxide was functionalized by hyperbranched epoxy and then used as an additive in the polyethersulfone membrane. The process of preparation and characterization of the synthesized hyperbranched epoxy, and graphene oxide modification was investigated by some analysis such as XRD, EDAX, FTIR, NMR, and TGA. Morphology of modified nanostructures, their distribution in the membrane matrix, and morphology of membranes were evaluated by TEM, FESEM analysis. Experimental results showed ...
The fit of one-, two-, three-, parameter models of item response theory to erdd's achivement test data
Yalçın, Murat; Berberoğlu, Giray; Department of Educational Sciences (1999)
The effect of plyometric training in hypoxia on body composition, sprint and jump parameters.
Coşkun, Betül; Aras, Dicle; Akalan, Cengiz; Koçak, Mehmet Settar (null; 2018-11-03)
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H. Ayçenk, “The performance of punctured convolutional codes,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.