MPS-A programming system for the development of reliable software.

Başoglu, Halil


QEVM: quality integrated earned value management
Efe, Pınar; Demirörs, Onur; Department of Information Systems (2015)
Software project management discipline is in need of valuable tools and techniques to complete projects in agreed scope, on time and within budget according to customer needs. Earned Value Management (EVM) is a simple and powerful performance management and feedback tool, which is widely used in project management with an increasing interest particularly in last decade. EVM clearly displays the project progress in terms of scope, cost and schedule and enables predicting future of the project based on the tr...
GSPA: a generic software process assessment tool
Yürüm, Ozan Raşit; Demirörs, Onur; Department of Information Systems (2014)
Performing process improvement to deliver the qualified products with expected cost on time has been a requirement for organization targeting to be successful in software market. Software organizations usually perform process improvement based on well-known process assessment frameworks such as CMMI and ISO 15504. As improvement needs diverge, a number of process assessment models such as Automotive SPICE, Enterprise SPICE, Brazilian Software Improvement, and Agile Maturity Model are derived. In addition, s...
ELA: an automated statistical fault localization technique
Bayraktar, Özkan; Betin Can, Aysu; Department of Information Systems (2015)
Software debugging consists of locating software faults, finding their causes, and fixing them. Among all these activities, the fault localization is the most difficult one and requires manual effort. Although there are several studies on automating this process, their effectiveness has not yet reached at a desired level. In this dissertation, we propose a fault localization framework that introduces a new fault localization metric called Ela, three test suite reduction strategies to improve the effectivene...
Enforcing connection-related constraints and enhancements on a component oriented software engineering case tool
Özyurt, Barış; Doğru, Ali Hikmet; Department of Computer Engineering (2003)
This thesis introduces enhancements over an existing Component Oriented CASE Tool (CoseCase). Constraint checking facility is implemented for the connections provided in the tool: A user programmable set of rules governing the allowed connections among different modeling elements is added as a capability. The previous implementation of the tool did not consider the semantics behind the elements and their interconnection. Also related connection types are tested against cycle formations. Other aspects of the...
SparkS: a language for test process scripting for instrumentation systems
Saeedi Nikoo, Mahdi; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Department of Computer Engineering (2015)
Calibration of test and measurement equipment is an important requirement in industry to ensure that the measurements they perform are reliable. Developing automated calibration procedures with existing tools requires considerable programming expertise. In this thesis, we introduce the initial version of SparkS, a domain specific language that aims to make development and maintenance of automated calibration procedures much easier for workers in the field of calibration. We present the design and implementa...
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H. Başoglu, “MPS-A programming system for the development of reliable software.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1981.