Critical dynamics of the three state Potts model.

Aydın, Meral


Monte Carlo simulation studies of binary mixtures
Karaaslan, Hasan; Yurtsever, Ersin; Department of Chemistry (1994)
Quantum Monte Carlo methods for fermionic systems : beyond the fixed-node approximation
Dugan, Nazım; Erkoç, Şakir; Department of Physics (2010)
Developments are made on the quantum Monte Carlo methods towards increasing the precision and the stability of the non fixed-node projector calculations of fermions. In the first part of the developments, the wavefunction correction scheme, which was developed to increase the precision of the di usion Monte Carlo (DMC) method, is applied to non fixed-node DMC to increase the precision of such fermion calculations which do not have nodal error. The benchmark calculations indicate a significant decrease of st...
Simulation of glow discharge plasmas by using parallel particle in cell / monte carlo collision method : the effects of number of super particles used in the simulations
Erden, Emrah; Çetinkaya, Tahsin Ali; Rafatov, İsmail; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2013)
Mechanical amplification is achieved using a multi-flexure-hinge based compliant mechanism, due to limited displacement range of piezoactuator. In the design stage of mechanism, a comparison matrix analysis is performed to decide the best alternative among the possible compliant mechanism candidates. The mechanical design parameters of the displacement amplifier is determined optimally using the analytical equation derived using Pseudo Rigid Body Model, and the static analysis is performed using finite elem...
Tracking non-ellipsoidal extended objects using sequential Monte- Carlo
Kara, Süleyman Fatih; Özkan, Emre; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
The problem of extended target tracking is considered in which the target extent is represented with multiple ellipses. The resulting inference problem, which is considered in the sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) framework, includes association of the measurements between sub-objects. We make use of different particle filtering approaches to solve the aforementioned association problem under the assumption of known extent. When the extent is unknown, parameters of the multiple ellipses should also be estimated....
Modeling interest rates moving in a band
Özel, Özgür; Hayfavi, Azize; Department of Financial Mathematics (2018)
It is not uncommon to observe interest rates or currencies to move in a band or being subject to an upper and/or lower bound set by national central banks. The Turkish Central Bank is using the interest rate corridor system actively in tandem with the liquidity policy to fine–tune the short rate in the TRY money market. Bond pricing models relying on a single factor use the short rate as the sole determinant of the entire yield curve. It would be a big mistake to ignore the fact that the short rate in Turke...
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M. Aydın, “Critical dynamics of the three state Potts model.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1984.