An evalution of townscape vocabulary as a design tool for shaping today's urban environments

Özkadif, Nalan


An Expert system approach to concrete supervising and precast connections
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An approach to achieve design recommendations for interior elements of urban railway transport with regard to user perception of semantic dimensions
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Although, the literature reveals that coach interior designs have been emphasized as an important factor determining their competitiveness in the market and the quality of an interior design can be effectively improved by using information about passenger expectations, few practical studies exist to assess the urban railway transport interiors from the passengers’ perspective. Consequently, designers lack reliable criteria to guide their decisions which would satisfy users. In this study, it is intended to ...
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A search for a methodology to identify the effect of employee characteristics on spatial requirements and expectations from modern office design
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Dominance of the knowledge intensive sectors over the global economy, change in business nature and innovation becoming the main source of competition has affected also the physical workplaces. Eventually, 21st century office design concept has risen with the purpose of increasing collaboration, motivation and so creativity and innovation. However, there cannot be a standardized office design that is well suited to all companies due to three main factors, which are culture, sector and employee characteristi...
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N. Özkadif, “An evalution of townscape vocabulary as a design tool for shaping today’s urban environments,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.