Substrate-dependent kinetic behaviour of horse serum cholinesterase.

Söylemez, Zerrin


Kerr-Schild geometry and string in general relativity.
Gürses, Metin; Gürsey, Feza; Department of Physics (1975)
Design and construction of double promoter systems and their use in pharmaceutical protein production in P. Pastoris
Demir, İrem; Çalık, Pınar; Department of Chemical Engineering (2019)
Intracellular phenomena such as promoter strength, mRNA secondary structure, translation efficiency and codon preference, 5′-untranslated region processing, and protein turnover, have impacts directly on the expression of heterologous genes. Design of multi-promoter expression systems with constituent strong promoters and engineered promoter variants is a novel metabolic engineering strategy for increasing the promoter strength further, and tuning the expression for recombinant protein (r-protein) productio...
Enhanced recovery of silver from Artvin-Kafkasor ore by microbial treatment
Salameh, M; Özcengiz, Gülay; Atalay, U; Ozbayoglu, G; Alaeddinoglu, NG (1999-06-23)
In the Artvin-Kafkasor ore deposit gold and silver are the main precious metals and are associated with quartz and limonite. In the present investigation, a fungal culture isolated from a mine water was tested under laboratory conditions for its bioleaching potential for enhancing silver recovery prior to cyanidation. The silver recovery was expressed as both the silver dissolved after biotreatment and that recovered after cyanidation following biotreatment. Silver recovery increased as a function of fungal...
Effects of chronic intracerebroventricular administration of rat recombinant NGF on spatial working memory in adult memory-deficient rats
Gümüşbaş, Umut; Jakubowska-Doğru, Ewa; Department of Biological Sciences (2002)
Predication in Aristotle's Categories: A Response to Plato's Theory of Forms
Duran, Zeynep; Güremen, Refik; Department of Philosophy (2021-10-4)
This study aims to provide a textual evidence to the idea of reading the Categories of Aristotle as a criticism of the Platonic Theory of Forms, by means of Metaphysics, A, 9, 990b22-991a8 and Alexander’s commentary on it (88,5-95,2). According to the main examples of this reading from the contemporary literature, the predication theory of the Categories, conceiving being as “being something” and holding the idea that “being is said in many ways,” denies the Platonic predication theory that is expounded by ...
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Z. Söylemez, “Substrate-dependent kinetic behaviour of horse serum cholinesterase.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1983.