Rayleigh-Ritz analysis of a circular waveguide with a septum

Yılmaz, Namık Kemal


Rayleigh backscattering theory for multimode optical fibers and its applications to distributed temperature sensing
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Radiative gas-dynamic model of a continuous optical discharge in a gravitational field: quasi-optical approximation
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We consider a continuous optical discharge (COD) sustained by a vertically directed weakly focused CO(2) laser beam, in a gravitational field. We used a full two-dimensional radiative gas-dynamic numerical model for the COD, which uses realistic quasi optics and takes refraction of the laser radiation in the plasma properly into account in the description of the laser beam propagation. The model is applied to calculate the parameters of the COD in a converging CO(2) laser beam in free air atmosphere as a fu...
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The aim of this research is to analyze the variations in Radar Cross Section (RCS) values of dielectric and conducting objects due to material and shape uncertainties by employing the Finite Difference Time Domain Method and the Monte Carlo approach in electromagnetic scattering problems. MATLAB codes are developed and validated to solve the electromagnetic scattering problem involving two and three dimensional arbitrarily-shaped objects. Basic principles of FDTD and its implementation in MATLAB are describ...
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N. K. Yılmaz, “Rayleigh-Ritz analysis of a circular waveguide with a septum,” Middle East Technical University, 1993.