Distribution systems cad applications.

Iqbal, Muhammad Javed


Distribution substation control and monitoring based on an industrial MS-DOS computer
Batur, İzzet; Güven, Nezih; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1991)
Distribution Control of Aspect Ratios and Automatic Generation of Surface Meshes
Sorguç, Arzu; Hagiwara, I. (2002-09-01)
Utility analysis and computer simulation of RFID technologies in the supply chain applications of production systems
Bolatlı, Yurtseven; Eren, Pekin Erhan; Department of Information Systems (2009)
In this thesis, the feasibility of deploying RFID technologies in the case of “lowvolume high-value” products is considered by focusing on the production processes of a real company. First, the processes of the company are examined and associated problems are determined. Accordingly, a simulation of the current situation is constructed by using the discrete event simulation technique, in order to obtain an accurate model. In addition to modeling the current situation, this simulation model provides a flexib...
Distributed amplifiers.
Birand, Tuncay; Department of Electrical Engineering (1967)
Supervisory control and formal methods for distributed systems
İnan, Kemal (1992-08-28)
A brief introductory exposure for logical discrete event system models is presented. Based on a specific version of this model tailored to supervisory control, some of the mainstream supervisory control problems are formulated in a unified framework. Formal methods used in software engineering has certain computational and structural similarities to supervisory control and unlike the latter, is closely connected to realistic and widespread practical applications. Formal specification, verification, impleme...
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M. J. Iqbal, “Distribution systems cad applications.,” Middle East Technical University, 1992.