Formulation of a road-map for the pre-installation phase of ERP implementations

Özdemir, Salih Zeki


Formulation of a beam finite element for micro beams
Pehlivanoğlu, Yücel; Kadıoğlu, Fevzi Suat; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2018)
This study presents an Euler Bernoulli type micro-beam finite element for analyzing the size-dependent static and dynamic behavior of micro beams. The new element is based on Modified Couple Stress Theory (MCST). The governing equations of motion and the boundary conditions for the beam are derived and the conventional Galerkin technique is employed to formulate the finite element. The new element can be reduced to Classical Euler-Bernoulli beam element if the size-effect parameter in the element matrices i...
Formulation and implementation of a fractional order viscoelastic material model into finite element software and material model parameter identification using in-vivo indenter experiments for soft biological tissues
Demirci, Nagehan; Tönük, Ergin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2012)
Soft biological tissue material models in the literature are frequently limited to integer order constitutive relations where the order of differentiation of stress and/or strain is integer-valued. However, it has been demonstrated that fractional calculus theory applied in soft tissue material model formulation yields more accurate and reliable soft tissue material models. In this study, firstly a fractional order (where the order of differentation of stress in the constitutive relation is non-integer-valu...
Design of a Parameter Determination System for Non-Isolated Converter Topologies
Nowadays, power electronics systems developed need small size, reliable, high quality and efficient switch mode power supplies. However, switch mode power supplies also require determining the operating parameters accurately for achieving intended energy conversion effectively and faultlessly. In this study, an interactive and object oriented parameter determination system was designed for Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost and Cuk converter topologies. Users have used the system interface easily through the interacti...
Formulation and solution of an optimal control problem for industrial project control
Schmidt, Klaus Verner (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-09-15)
n this paper, we consider the monitoring and control of industrial projects that are performed by executing different activities within a given time duration. Hereby, it is desired to apply project control to each activity in order to avoid unexpected deviations in the project cost, respecting that the amount and cost of project control needs to be limited. We model the general setting of industrial project control as an optimal control problem with the goal of maximizing the cost reduction (savings) when a...
Proposal of vendor evaluation framework for IS/IT outsourcing
Turgay, Zeynep Zerrin; Bilgen, Semih; Department of Information Systems (2001)
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S. Z. Özdemir, “Formulation of a road-map for the pre-installation phase of ERP implementations,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.