Web-based archiving system for documents and images

Atmaca, N. Zeki


Web-Based Training: Design and Implementation Issues
Yıldırım, İbrahim Soner(2009)
This course aims to provide necessary skills and background in construction and implementation criteria and procedures for selection and evaluation of web-based training materials; synthesis of research and resources in the field. The course also underlines major steps and techniques used in design, development and evaluation of web-based training environments. Such contemporary issues as e-learning and WBT for human resource development and professional development also receive a considerable attention in ...
HTTP http adaptive streaming architectures for video on demand and live TV services
Özcan, Yiğit; Schmidt, Şenan Ece; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2013)
HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS) has become a popular video streaming solution since it both benefits from the ubiquitous HTTP protocol and firewall and NAT traversal capabilities of TCP. HAS aims to provide high Quality of Experience (QoE) to the clients under limited and varying bandwidth by rate adaptation algorithms which allow the clients to choose the most appropriate video quality. A rate adaptation algorithm should utilize the available bandwidth. Furthermore, the received video bitrates should not dev...
Web-Based Education Support Tools Used for Teaching the "Engineering Graphics" Course
Konukseven, Erhan İlhan (2009-09-26)
Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools are essential in modern industry. The students can actually use the skills and knowledge learned in "Computer Aided Engineering Graphics" course through their education and professional life. This paper describes and demonstrates how "ME-105 Computer Aided Engineering Graphics" course was offered to non-mechanical engineering students at Middle East Technical University (METU) using Web-based materials. Using the offered Web-based course model it is possible to give the cou...
Web gis based animal diseases surveillance system
Arıkan, Funda; Usul, Nurünnisa; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2009)
Today, infectious animal diseases and the propagation speeds of these diseaseshave been threatening the human health. Threats from animal disease outbreakssuch as Avian Influenza have increased in both number and complexity. So, it is extremely important to determine the animal diseases at first appearances and totake precautions according to propagation speeds of the diseases. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become an important tool inveterinary epidemiology, surveillance and monitoring of animal...
Web usage mining and recommendation with semantic information
Salın, Süleyman; Karagöz, Pınar; Department of Computer Engineering (2009)
Web usage mining has become popular in various business areas related with Web site development. In Web usage mining, the commonly visited navigational paths are extracted in terms of Web page addresses from the Web server visit logs, and the patterns are used in various applications. The semantic information of the Web page contents is generally not included in Web usage mining. In this thesis, a framework for integrating semantic information with Web usage mining is implemented. The frequent navigational ...
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