Designing a competitive Turkish electricity market.

Elverici, H. Tolgar


Proposing a Federated Approach to Global Software Development
Tufekci, Ozgur; Cetin, Semih; Arifoğlu, Ali (2010-02-16)
Managing software development across boundaries is quite challenging. The boundaries may be around teams, organizations, cities, and even countries. From small scale to enterprise scale, distributed software development requires particular devotion to many aspects of software engineering. New name of the same old problem is "Global Software Development (GSD)" nowadays. This paper briefly identifies the challenges of GSD, presents the state-of-the-art for meeting such challenges, discusses the shortcomings o...
Designing and implementing a game development framework for interactive stories and role playing games
Bayyurt, Ozan Emirha; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf; Department of Multimedia Informatics (2019)
Video games are a great medium for storytelling. Taking advantage of this quality is, however, harder than it needs to be. Making role-playing games takes too much time and work on the part of game developers. Existing tools to develop such games, unfortunately, focus more on already proven design features and mostly duplicate the same game mechanics. This thesis proposes a game development framework to offer a solution to help game developers to build role-playing games in a much easier and quicker fashion...
Proposing a holistic framework for smart city initiatives
Gökalp, Mert Onuralp (null; 2017-12-28)
Achieving a pedestrian oriented transportation system in Ankara
Yaşdağ, Serkan; Günay, Baykan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2006)
After World War II, automobile use expanded rapidly in the developed countries. As a result, travel pattern changed entirely and automobile has become the dominant form of transport in cities. As a result, the city has been shaped and sized in response to automobile needs. Such increase caused traffic problems in the Central Business Districts and surrounding areas. The problems of traffic congestion and pedestrian circulation have become an important issue in the whole city. As traffic problems have grown ...
Developing a geographical information system for the gallipoli campaign
Sağlam, Ayhan; Düzgün, H. Şebnem; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2005)
Geographical Information System (GIS) is a very powerful technique which is used in solving different problems in various fields dealing with spatial information. It can also be used for analyzing wars and campaign. Today̕s modern armies use GIS effectively for different purposes such as determining strategic points and planning attack and defense. GIS can also be used for past wars, and historical GIS includes these kinds of applications. In this study, GIS have been used for analyzing Gallipoli Campaign i...
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H. T. Elverici, “Designing a competitive Turkish electricity market.,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.