Small size wideband vivaldi antennas for phased array systems

Yıldız, Ali Günay


Large bandwidth mode order converter by differential waveguides
Oner, B. B.; ÜSTÜN, KADİR; Kurt, H.; Okyay, A. K.; Sayan, Gönül (The Optical Society, 2015-02-09)
In this article, we propose a large bandwidth mode-order converter design by dielectric waveguides with equal lengths but different cross-sectional areas. The efficient conversion between even and odd modes is verified by inducing required phase difference between the equal length waveguides of different widths. Y-junctions are composed of both tapered mode splitter and combiner to connect mono-mode waveguide to multi-mode waveguide. The converted mode profiles at the output port show that the device operat...
Small Response Surface Designs for Metamodel Estimation
Batmaz, İnci (Elsevier BV, 2003-01-01)
The primary objective of this study is to provide the novice researchers in simulation metamodeling with guidance on how to use small designs for metamodel estimation especially when cost effectiveness is a concern. This study was carried out in three phases: First, a group of second-order small designs were evaluated with respect to various criteria. Next, the metamodel of a time-shared computer system was estimated using these designs. Finally, the predictive capabilities of these small designs in giving ...
Large Format Dual Band QWIP Focal Plane Arrays for Third Generation Thermal Imagers
Beşikci, Cengiz; Eker, S. U. (2009-10-08)
This talk covers the recent developments in quantum structured infrared photodetector technology, as well as the realization of large format/low cost dual band QWIP focal plane arrays for third generation thermal imagers.
Small area load forecasting for distribution system planning using neural networks
Kaynar, Taner; Özay, Nevzat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1998)
Small Target Detection By Morphological Operations
Yardimci, Ozan; Tunc, Seyit; Ulusoy, İlkay (2015-05-19)
Automatic target detection has an important application field in today's missile technology. Therefore, there are many studies in this field. In this context, morphological operation (MO) based methods were firstly investigated and tested on the prepared scenarios. As a results of test results, methods were compared on the basis of the detection performance, user defined parameter quantity and processing time. After comparison results, the methods are determined which has better detection performance, do no...
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A. G. Yıldız, “Small size wideband vivaldi antennas for phased array systems,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.