Components and models of response errors in sample surveys

Oğuzkurt, Bülent


Components and models of nonresponse in sample surveys
Koçak, Esra Erbayar; Ayhan, H. Öztaş; Department of Statistics (2001)
Components of response variance for cluster samples
Akdemir, Deniz; Ayhan, Hüseyin Öztaş; Department of Statistics (2003)
Measures of data quality are important for the evaluation and improvement of survey design and procedures. A detailed investigation of the sources, magnitude and impact of errors is necessary to identify how survey design and procedures may be improved and how resources allocated more efficiently among various aspects of the survey operation. A major part of this thesis is devoted to the overview of statistical theory and methods for measuring the contribution of response variability to the overall error of...
Models of response error components in supervised interview-reinterview surveys
Ayhan, Hüseyin Öztaş (Informa UK Limited, 2003-11-01)
The current work deals with modelling of response error components in supervised interview-reinterview surveys. The model considers several stages of an interactive process to obtain and record a response. The response process is evaluated as, controller-interviewer-respondent-interviewer-controller interaction setting under a supervised interviewing process. The allocation of controllers, interviewers and respondents is made by a hierarchical design for the interview-reinterview process. In addition, a cod...
Components of detector response function: Monte Carlo simulations and experiment
Pekoz, Rengin; Can, Cüneyt (Wiley, 2006-11-01)
Components of the response function of an HPGe detector for 32 keV incident photons (Ba K alpha x-rays) were studied using a Monte Carlo program. Physical mechanisms and the role of incident photons, detector x-rays, photoelectrons and Compton recoil and Auger electrons for each component were investigated. The position, intensity and shape of the components, particularly of the photoelectrons, were studied in detail. Two distinct components for photoelectron escape were identified by considering the fate o...
Components of detector response function : experiment and monte carlo simulations
Peköz, Rengin; Can, Cüneyt; Department of Physics (2004)
Components of the response function of a high-purity germanium (HPGe) detector due to full or partial energy deposition by gamma- and X-rays were studied. Experimental response functions for 241Am, Ba and Tb were compared with those obtained from the Monte Carlo simulations. The role of physical mechanisms for each component was investigated by considering escape/absorption of photons, photoelectrons, Auger electrons, recoil electrons and X-rays of the detector material. A detailed comparison of the experim...
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B. Oğuzkurt, “Components and models of response errors in sample surveys,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.