Synthesis and characterization of sodium chromium silicate pigment

Aşkın, Özlem


Synthesis and characterization of copper phthalocyanine deposited mica titania pigment
Topuz, Berna Burcu; Gündüz, Güngör; Department of Polymer Science and Technology (2010)
In the present work, anatase and rutile titanium dioxide (TiO2) coated lustrous mica pigments were prepared by heterogeneous nucleation method. Anatase-rutile phase transformation of the TiO2 on mica substrate was achieved by coating very thin layers of tin (IV) oxide on mica surfaces prior to TiO2 deposition. Muscovite mica, which was used in the experiments was sieved, pre-treated with sodium bicarbonate and decantated before coating process. The surface morphology of mica titania pigments and anatase-rut...
Synthesis and Characterization of Surface Modified Fullerene
Kanbur, Yasin; Kucukyavuz, Zuhal (2012-01-01)
Fullerenes were chemically functionalized by using sulphuric acid and nitric acid. The functionalization was done with two different acid ratio. The functionalized nanotubes were characterized with Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and X-ray photonelectron spectroscopy (XPS), elemental analysis, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Sulfonation of fullerene increased the electrical conductivity of fullerenes up to 0.027 S/cm. TEM micrographs showed that sulfon...
Synthesis and characterization of electrochemically polymerized metal-free, nickel and zinc containing phthalocyanine derivatives
Yavuz, Arzu; Aras, Leyla; Department of Polymer Science and Technology (2009)
In the first part of this study, 4-(2,5-di-2-thiophen-2-yl-pyrrol-1-yl)-phthalonitrile (SNS-PN) was synthesized by utilizing 1,4-di(2-thienyl)-1,4- butadione (SOOS) and 4-aminophthalonitrile via Knorr-Paal Reaction. Nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR and 13C NMR) and fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopies were utilized for the characterization of this compound. SNS-PN monomer was then electrochemically polymerized in acetonitrile/0.2 M LiClO4 solvent/electrolyte couple. Characterizations of the re...
Synthesis and characterization of fluorine-substituted polyanilines
Cihaner, A; Önal, Ahmet Muhtar (Elsevier BV, 2001-09-01)
Poly(2-fluoroaniline), P2FAN, poly(3-fluoroaniline). P3FAN. and poly(4-fluoroaniline), P4FAN, have been synthesized from fluorine substituted aniline monomers in aqueous acidic medium using potassium dichromate as oxidizing agent. Characterization of polymer products has been carried out using FTIR, and NMR spectroscopic techniques. Thermal analysis of polyfluoroaniline powders was also investigated using differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetric analysis. To compare the structural properties ...
Synthesis and characterization of tetranitro and tetraamino zinc phthalocyanines and their combinations with mica-titania pigment
Sönmez, Yasemin; Gündüz, Güngör; Maviş, Bora; Department of Chemical Engineering (2014)
In the present study, tetranitro and tetraamino substituted zinc phthalocyanine were synthesized by using nitro phthalic acid precursor under microwave irradiation. The products were purified using different solvents. Molecular structures of these phthalocyanine pigments were confirmed by FT-IR and UV-visible spectroscopy analyses. Each of these pigments was settled on the surface mica-titania pigment to obtain ‘combination pigment’. Tetraamino zinc phthalocyanine was deposited on mica-titania in water and ...
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Ö. Aşkın, “Synthesis and characterization of sodium chromium silicate pigment,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.