Alpha invariant for foliated manifolds

Uluer, Kayhan


Bi-presymplectic chains of co-rank 1 and related Liouville integrable systems
Blaszak, Maciej; Guerses, Metin; Zheltukhın, Kostyantyn (2009-07-17)
Bi-presymplectic chains of 1-forms of co-rank 1 are considered. The conditions under which such chains represent some Liouville integrable systems and the conditions under which there exist related bi-Hamiltonian chains of vector fields are derived. To present the construction of bi-presymplectic chains, the notion of a dual Poisson-presymplectic pair is used, and the concept of d-compatibility of Poisson bivectors and d-compatibility of presymplectic forms is introduced. It is shown that bi-presymplectic r...
Invariant subspaces for positive operators acting on a Banach space with Markushevich basis
Ercan, Z; Onal, S (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2004-06-01)
We introduce 'weak quasinilpotence' for operators. Then, by substituting 'Markushevich basis' and 'weak quasinilpotence at a nonzero vector' for 'Schauder basis' and 'quasinilpotence at a nonzero vector', respectively, we answer a question on the invariant subspaces of positive operators in [ 3].
Tezer, Cem (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1992-06-01)
Unitary analytic representations of SL(3,R) and Regge trajectories.
Güler, Yurdahan; Koca, Mehmet; Department of Physics (1977)
Invariant subspaces for banach space operators with a multiply connected spectrum
Yavuz, Onur (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2007-07-01)
We consider a multiply connected domain Omega = D \U (n)(j= 1) (B) over bar(lambda(j), r(j)) where D denotes the unit disk and (B) over bar(lambda(j), r(j)) subset of D denotes the closed disk centered at lambda(j) epsilon D with radius r(j) for j = 1,..., n. We show that if T is a bounded linear operator on a Banach space X whose spectrum contains delta Omega and does not contain the points lambda(1),lambda(2),...,lambda(n), and the operators T and r(j)( T -lambda I-j)(-1) are polynomially bounded, then th...
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K. Uluer, “Alpha invariant for foliated manifolds,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.