The Transformation process of radical political islam during 1990's in Turkey: the case of Haksöz and Değişim periodicals

Büyükbayram, Sercan


The Evolution of the Shiite politics and militancy in Iraq: the case of Hashd Al-Shaabi
Çökenoğlu, Taylan; Şen, Mustafa; Department of Middle East Studies (2019)
The Iraqi Shiite Islamic movement, which aims to combat western ideologies at the end of the 1950s and to mobilize the Shiite masses in this struggle, is one of the most prominent activist movements in the Shiite world. This movement, which aims to transform the Shiite society and to establish an Islamic state by reaching the state apparatus, has been divided and transformed into many Shiite political and militia movements. The changes within the Iraqi state apparatus were influential in the transformation ...
The Evolution and professionalization of economic thought from the late Ottoman empire to the Turkish Republic: the case of İbrahim Fazil Pelin
Aslanmirza, Burak; Zorlu Durukan, Şefika Akile; Department of History (2018)
The Anglo-Ottoman Trade Convention of 1838 – usually regarded as a milestone in the Ottoman Empire’s integration process to capitalism and the liberal world – also presents a landmark for the germination of Ottoman intellectuals’ interest in European economic thought and the acceleration of intellectual discussions on the subject thanks to the rise of private press. However, the transformation of economic thought from being the object of intellectual interest to being a separate discipline, accordingly its ...
The genesis of think-tank culture in Turkey: past, present and future?
Aydın, Aziz; Altunışık, Hüseyin; Department of International Relations (2006)
This thesis analyses the emergence and evolution of the think-tanks in Turkey. It seeks primarily to answer to whether or not it is possible to mention ‘a think-tank culture’ in Turkey. After the definition, characteristics and types of the think-tank term are debated, the historical background of think-tanks all over the world is analyzed. The thesis looks at similarities and differences among the think-tanks in and outside Turkey in terms of their size and areas of specialization. It also tries to find ou...
The rise of Islamic economic ethic, rationality and capitalism in modern Turkey: the case of Konya
Demirpolat, Anzavur; Özcan, Yusuf Ziya; Department of Sociology (2002)
The rise of the Russian nationalism under Vladimir Putin: 2000-2008
Demydova, Viktoriia; Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat; Department of Eurasian Studies (2010)
The thesis aims to discuss the process of nation-building and discourse of Russian nationalism of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2000 - 2008. It focuses on the rise of the nationalism in Russia since 2000 and analyzes discourse of nationalism at the state level, in culture and religious sphere, as well as its representation in various ultra right-wing political movements. The thesis argues that despite the ethnic elements in Vladimir Putin’s discourse of Russian nationalism, his version of national...
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S. Büyükbayram, “The Transformation process of radical political islam during 1990’s in Turkey: the case of Haksöz and Değişim periodicals,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.