Statistical techniques in accounting : An empirical study

Doğan, Basri


Statistical methods in credit rating
Sezgin, Özge; Yıldırak, Şahap Kasırga; Department of Financial Mathematics (2006)
Credit risk is one of the major risks banks and financial institutions are faced with. With the New Basel Capital Accord, banks and financial institutions have the opportunity to improve their risk management process by using Internal Rating Based (IRB) approach. In this thesis, we focused on the internal credit rating process. First, a short overview of credit scoring techniques and validation techniques was given. By using real data set obtained from a Turkish bank about manufacturing firms, default predi...
Statistical treatment of low-energy nuclear level schemes
Gholami, M.; Kildir, M.; Behkami, A. N. (IOP Publishing, 2007-02-15)
The level density parameter and the back shift energy El. are determined for nuclei with A-values across the whole periodic table from fits to complete level schemes at low excitation energy near the neutron binding energies. We find that the energy back shift E, shows complicated behavior and depends, on the type of the nucleus, even-even, odd mass, and odd-odd. The spin cut-off factor has also been investigated for nuclei mentioned above. The results are compared with the previous results and different ex...
Statistical inference from complete and incomplete data
Can Mutan, Oya; Tiku, Moti Lal; Department of Statistics (2010)
Let X and Y be two random variables such that Y depends on X=x. This is a very common situation in many real life applications. The problem is to estimate the location and scale parameters in the marginal distributions of X and Y and the conditional distribution of Y given X=x. We are also interested in estimating the regression coefficient and the correlation coefficient. We have a cost constraint for observing X=x, the larger x is the more expensive it becomes. The allowable sample size n is governed by a...
Statistical network analysis for collaboration in applied mathematics
Güneri, Simge; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Department of Scientific Computing (2013)
In spite of easy access to academic information, person-to-person contact is still signi ficant so as to provide the academic issues to be discussed in more detail and well-developed. So, throughout the thesis, we investigate one-to-one communication and frequency of activities performed together in the researcher communities from di fferent study fields of applied mathematics. We deal with this problem by taking each researcher community as a network where its entities are considered the researchers and tw...
Statistical inference concerning time-truncated samples from exponential distribution.
Levent, İbrahim; Department of Statistics (1978)
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B. Doğan, “Statistical techniques in accounting : An empirical study,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.