Analytical models for assessing the benefits of remanufacturing

Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin


A Remanufacturing system with imperfect sorting: deterministic and probabilistic models
Tan, Merve; Bakal, İsmail Serdar; Yüksel Özkaya, Banu; Department of Industrial Engineering (2018)
In this study, we focus on inaccurate sorting process with classification errors in a reverse supply chain comprising a remanufacturer and a collector under deterministic demand in a single time period. The collector acquires used items from end-users and the remanufacturer reproduces them to serve the deterministic demand of remanufactured products. There are two sources of uncertainty: uncertain quality of used items and uncertain quality of sorted items due to imperfect testing. Used items are categorize...
A Computational study on a time-sensitive multiobjective flexible job shop scheduling problem
Oğuzkan, Caner; Çavdar, Bahar; Department of Industrial Engineering (2017)
In this thesis we focus on a time-sensitive flexible job shop scheduling problem. In time-sensitive systems, the main concern is more on the total completion time, which includes time spent during the computation-only phase and the implementation of the solution, rather than finding a solution which will take the least time to implement. However, the conventional solution approaches do not directly address the computation time. In this study, we employ a Computation-Implementation Parallezation (CIP) approa...
Optimization of the mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V alloy produced by three dimensional additive manufacturing using termochemical processes
Bilgin, Güney Mert; Durucan, Caner; Esen, Ziya; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2017)
Selective laser melting (SLM) is an additive manufacturing (AM) technology used for aerospace and biomedical Ti-6Al-4V alloys to produce parts with complex geometry at one step with reduced production time, scrap and cost. However, parts produced by SLM are lack of ductility due to microstructures similar to those cast products and residual stresses generated during laser processing. In this study, Ti6Al-4V alloys produced by SLM were treated by thermo-hydrogen process (THP) to increase ductility and to ref...
Profit-oriented disassembly line balancing with stochastic task times in hybrid lines
Gümüşkaya, Volkan; Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin; Altekin, Tevhide; Department of Industrial Engineering (2013)
We offer a solution approach for profit-oriented disassembly line balancing problem in hybrid lines with stochastic task times. When task times are stochastic, there is a probability that some of the tasks are not completed within the predefined cycle time. For task incompletions, the most commonly used remedial actions are stopping the line or offline repairs. Stopping the line is to stop the line until the incomplete tasks are completed, while in offline repair, incomplete tasks are completed in an offlin...
Comparison of methods for robust parameter design of products and processes with an ordered categorical response
Bacanlı Karabulut, Gonca; Köksal, Gülser; Department of Industrial Engineering (2013)
Robust design of products or processes with categorical response has more momentous role in industrial experiments for quality improvements, because ordinal categorical quality characteristics are encountered more frequent than continuous ones in industry. In this study, five optimization methods for an ordered categorical response are compared with each other: Logistic Regression Model Optimization (LRMO), Accumulation Analysis (AA), Weighted Signal-to-noise Ratio (WSNR), Scoring Scheme (SS), and Weighted ...
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Z. P. Bayındır, “Analytical models for assessing the benefits of remanufacturing,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2002.