The local government system in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Yılmaz, Bige


The practice of journalism in Turkey as to the views of Turkish parliament journalists
Bayar (Ekren), Duygu; Kaya, Ahmet Raşit; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2006)
Journalists’ commitment to an objective, impartial, balanced way of reporting and their respect for ethical norms are considered a vital prerequisite for democracy to be carried out. The general purpose of this thesis is to reveal whether established journalistic practices in Turkey are shaped through commonly acknowledged professional principles in a way that is compatible with democratic expectancies. In order to achieve this goal, a group of journalists were interviewed in the summer of 2003 who worked a...
The capital structure of Turkish real estate investment trusts (REITS)
Yıldırım, Burak; Erol, Işıl; Department of Financial Mathematics (2008)
To the best of my knowledge, there has not been any academic study about capital structure of Turkish REITs so far. This study attempts to fulfill this gap in the literature by analyzing the capital structure choices of Turkish REITs which are listed in Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) over the period of 1998 - 2007. The key contribution of this study is to understand whether the firm specific, institutional and country specific factors that affect the capital structures of all institutional firms including RE...
The structure of employment in manufacturing industry according to the regional characteristics
Coşkun (Yörükan), Güneş; Eraydın, Ayda; Department of Regional Planning (1988)
The distributional impcts of urban public services: parks and recreational services in Ankara
Beler, Feyzan; Tekeli, İlhan; Department of City and Regional Planning (1993)
The integration process of Romania into the EU : 1989 - 2007
Doğan, Başak; Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat; Department of European Studies (2007)
This thesis examines the political and socio economic transformation of Romania during its integration process into the European Union (EU) between 1989-2007. The thesis also explores the impact of the communist heritage on Romania’s relations with the EU in the post-Communist period. The main objective of the thesis is to examine why EU rushed to accept Romania as a full member although Romania didnot fulfil all of the membership requirements of the EU until 2007. The main argument of this thesis is that t...
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B. Yılmaz, “The local government system in the Republic of Azerbaijan,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.