The tension between action and revolution in hannah arendt's political thought : a critical assessment

Kabasakal, Devrim


KIRPIKLI, DENİZ; Öztabak Avcı, Elif; Department of English Literature (2021-7-1)
Caryl Phillips’s engagement with the past, particularly the history of the black diaspora in Britain, is a significant aspect of his literary production. Focusing closely on Crossing the River (1993), A Distant Shore (2003), and In the Falling Snow (2009), this study argues that Phillips’s works of fiction illustrate the transcultural memory of Britain and the black Atlantic that moves across the seemingly impermeable borders to unsettle the homogeneous construction of categories such as nation, culture, an...
The relationship between narrative strategies and meaning in William Golding’s the inheritors, pincher martin and free fall
Çıraklı, Mustafa Zeki; Sönmez, Margaret Jeanne M.; Department of English Literature (2010)
This dissertation attempts to investigate the relationship between certain narrative strategies and meaning(s), and presents a narratological analysis of Golding’s three novels. It primarily refers to the terminology offered by Genette and Rimmon-Kenan and, considering the mode of narration (voice) and the mode of focalization (mood), it tries to unearth narrative elements in narrative fiction. This dissertation argues that the implied author employs narrative agents and strategies of perspectivisation in o...
The problem of otherness in in the heart of the country by J.M. Coetzee, night lessons by Latife Tekin and Lighthsousekeeping by Jeanette Winterson
Bulut, Bilge; Yıldız Bağçe, Hülya; Department of English Literature (2019)
Deploying some specific Kristevan theories such as the semiotic and the symbolic bases of language, melancholia, abjection and being a stranger, this thesis argues that J.M.Coetzee in In the Heart of the Country, Latife Tekin in Night Lessons and Jeanette Winterson in Lighthousekeeping bring a new perspective to the problem of otherness by eradicating the binary opposition between self and other, which renders their political stance very forceful. In the Heart of the Country demonstrates that the other is w...
The Function of Genre Parody in Postmodern Fiction: Undermining the Discourse of Realism in Salman Rushdie’s Shame
Korkut Naykı, Nil (null; 2007-04-17)
The triangle of publicness, communication and democracy in Habermas's thought
Turan, Ömer; Deveci, Cem; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2004)
This thesis develops the Triangle Model, to offer a general framework through which the work of Jürgen Habermas could be better understood and assessed. Accordingly, it is argued that, it is possible to derive a triangle in Habermas̕s thought, formed by the concerns of publicness, communication, and democracy. Each corner of the triangle corresponds to a major concern and focus of Habermas̕s project chronologically. The Triangle Model provides an overview of continuities and discontinuities in Habermas̕s wo...
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D. Kabasakal, “ The tension between action and revolution in hannah arendt’s political thought : a critical assessment,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.