Distributed restoration in optical networks using feed-forward neural networks

Gökışık, Demeter


Neural network based optical network restoration with multiple classes of traffic
Gokisik, D; Bilgen, Semih (2003-01-01)
Neural-network-based optical network restoration is illustrated over an example in which multiple classes of traffic are considered. Over the pre-planned primary and backup capacity, optimal routing and wavelength assignment is carried out. In case of a network failure, protection routes and optimum flow values on these protection routes are extracted from a previously trained feed-forward neural network which is distributed over the optical data communications network.
Distributed routing and wavelength assignment in WDM networks
Başbuğoğlu, Osman; Gönenç, Güney; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2000)
Neural networks with piecewise constant argument and impact activation
Yılmaz, Enes; Akhmet, Marat; Department of Scientific Computing (2011)
This dissertation addresses the new models in mathematical neuroscience: artificial neural networks, which have many similarities with the structure of human brain and the functions of cells by electronic circuits. The networks have been investigated due to their extensive applications in classification of patterns, associative memories, image processing, artificial intelligence, signal processing and optimization problems. These applications depend crucially on the dynamical behaviors of the networks. In t...
Neural network prediction of tsunami parameters in the aegean and Marmara Seas
Erdurmaz, Muammer Sercan; Ergin, Ayşin; Department of Civil Engineering (2004)
Tsunamis are characterized as shallow water waves, with long periods and wavelengths. They occur by a sudden water volume displacement. Earthquake is one of the main reasons of a tsunami development. Historical data for an observation period of 3500 years starting from 1500 B.C. indicates that approximately 100 tsunamis occurred in the seas neighboring Turkey. Historical earthquake and tsunami data were collected and used to develop two artificial neural network models to forecast tsunami characteristics fo...
Stability analysis of neural networks with piecewise constant argument
Karacaören, Meltem; Akhmet, Marat; Department of Mathematics (2017)
Last several decades, an immense attention has been paid to the construction and analysis of neural networks since it is related to the brain activity. One of the most important neural networks is Hopfield neural network. Since it is obtained from the direct modeling of neuron activity, the results of the research have effective consequences for the modern science. Dynamical analysis of Hopfield neural networks concerns to the method of qualitative theory of differential equations. In particular, it relates...
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D. Gökışık, “Distributed restoration in optical networks using feed-forward neural networks,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2003.