Handling privacy of personal user-context information using service policies and role based user privacy preferences

Tümer, Arif


Global Constraints on Feature Models
KARATAS, Ahmet Serkan; OGUZTUZUN, Halit; Doğru, Ali Hikmet (2010-09-10)
Feature modeling has been found very effective for modeling and managing variability in Software Product Lines. The nature of feature models invites, sometimes even requires, the use of global constraints. This paper lays the groundwork for the inclusion of global constraints in automated reasoning on feature models. We present a mapping from extended feature models to constraint logic programming over finite domains, and show that this mapping enables using global constraints on feature attributes, as well...
Biased Proportional Navigation with Exponentially Decaying Error for Impact Angle Control and Path Following
Erer, Korav S.; Tekin, Raziye; Özgören, Mustafa Kemal (2016-06-24)
In this paper, a bias term to enhance proportional navigation is designed through an error signal that is a function of pursuit angles with the objective of accommodating both the problem of impact angle control against a stationary target and the problem of path following using the virtual target concept. The design leads to a second order transfer function describing the linear error dynamics contained within the nonlinear environment. The performance of the proposed guidance law is demonstrated in a comp...
Multi-dimensional students' evaluation of e-learning systems in the higher education context: An empirical investigation
Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2009-12-01)
There has been little research on assessment of learning management systems (LMS) within educational organizations as both a web-based learning system for e-learning and as a supportive tool for blended learning environments. This study proposes a conceptual e-learning assessment model, hexagonal e-learning assessment model (HELAM) suggesting a multi-dimensional approach for LMS evaluation via six dimensions: (1) system quality, (2) service quality, (3) content quality, (4) learner perspective, (5) instruct...
Study of high mass Higgs using pp -> qqH
Yildiz, HD; Zeyrek, Mehmet Tevfik (2003-08-01)
The observability of the Higgs signal in the mass range of 200-800 GeV is investigated in the weak boson fusion channel at the CMS experiment at LHC. The weak boson fusion channel is characterized by two final state jets at large pseudorapidity. The forward calorimeter plays a key role in detecting these jets. The significant signals are obtained for H --> WW --> lvjj, H --> ZZ --> lljj and H --> ZZ --> llvv. Importance of the forward jet tagging and the central jet veto is emphasized to extract the signal ...
Evaluation of Walkability and Pedestrian Level of Service
Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye (2018-01-01)
Due to decreasing resources, living in urban regions focus on sustainability in many aspects, including transportation. Sustainable transportation encourages non-motorized modes of walking and cycling as well as public transit (which also relies on walking while accessing a station), as well. However, walking as a mode is still a big mystery itself that needs further attention and research effort especially in the evaluation part. So far, the planners have discussed the concepts of walking and walkability, ...
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