An Application Of The Consistent Quark Model To Heavy Quark Systems

Hazim, Jaradat


An application of the minimal spanning tree approach to the cluster stability problem
Volkovich, Z.; Barzily, Z.; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Toledano-Kitai, D.; Avros, R. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2012-03-01)
Among the areas of data and text mining which are employed today in OR, science, economy and technology, clustering theory serves as a preprocessing step in the data analyzing. An important component of clustering theory is determination of the true number of clusters. This problem has not been satisfactorily solved. In our paper, this problem is addressed by the cluster stability approach. For several possible numbers of clusters, we estimate the stability of the partitions obtained from clustering of samp...
An application of k-e model to oscillatory boundary layers
Aydın, İsmail (1988-03-01)
The k-ε model of turbulence is applied to one-dimensional oscillatory turbulent boundary layer flow. Computations are performed over fine meshes extending from the bottom to the outside of the boundary layer. Effects of low Reynolds number are included in the equations of turbulent kinetic energy and turbulent energy dissipation rate. An additional production of turbulent kinetic energy due to the surface roughness is simulated by introduction of a ‘roughness viscosity’ in the production term of turbulent k...
ALTINTAS, A; BUYUKDURA, OM; PATHAK, PH (American Geophysical Union (AGU), 1994-11-01)
A correction to the Kirchhoff-Huygens approximation in the format of a diffraction coefficient is derived for an aperture terminated by a half plane. As in the physical theory of diffraction (PTD), this is achieved by considering the end point contribution to the aperture integral. It is seen that when the aperture is taken as conformal with the surface of the half plane, the conventional PTD result is obtained.
An application of topological median filters on detection and clustering of microcalcifications in digital mammograms
Cihan, Ibrahim Kivanc; Senel, Hakan Guray (2006-05-19)
Existence of microcalcification clusters on mammograms is one of the earliest signs of breast cancers. In this study, a method that is based on topological median filters is proposed for the automated detection of microcalcifications. The proposed algorithm consists of two steps. First, probable microcalcification pixels in the mammograms are segmented out by using topological top-hat transform. Then, individual microcalcifications are clustered by using a subtractive clustering algorithm. The method has be...
An application of singularity cancellation for periodic structures in free space
Adanir, Süleyman; Alatan, Lale (IET; 2018-01-01)
A singularity problem arises in the computation of MoM matrix entries. Several singularity cancellation schemes are proposed in literature. One of these singularity cancellation methods is applied to handle the singularity problem associated with the MoM analysis of 2D periodic structures. For the efficient computation of the 2D periodic Green's function, Ewald transformation is used, resulting in a change in the kernel of the integral associated with the MoM matrix entries. Formulation of the problem for t...
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J. Hazim, “An Application Of The Consistent Quark Model To Heavy Quark Systems,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.