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Isolation, characterization and immobilization of polyphenol oxidases from mulberry(morus alba) leaf tissues

Sutay, Didem
In this study, the aim was to find an economical plant source for polyphenol oxidase (PPO) production as an alternative to mushroom and possible application areas by characterization and immobilization of the PPOs. For this purpose, tissues of various plants of no commercial value were screened for their PPO activities. Mulberry leaf tissues showed the highest PPO activity against 4-methyl catechol which was comparable to that of mushroom. Average Km and Vmax values of free mulberry leaf PPOs were found as 7 mM and 218 U/ml, respectively. Mulberry leaf PPOs were immobilized in a polypyrole matrix and the Km and Vmax values of immobilized PPOs were calculated as 35 mM and 3 U/ml, respectively. Mulberry leaf PPO was the most active at 45°C and pH 7. By using electrophoretic analysis, laccase and catechol oxidase type activities of PPOs and in addition, peroxidase activity were detected. Molecular weights of laccase, peroxidase and catechol oxidase were found to be about 62, 64 and 62-64 kDa, with pI values of 8.0-8.5, 4.5 and 10, sequentially.